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  • She Stopped The “Facade” And Started Running

    By Stephanie De Santi   January 22 2016

    Stephanie gave up her familiar life and dove shoes first into running, then triathlon—and now Ironman. arrow

  • When You Can’t Run As Much As You Want

    By Nicki Miller   August 31 2015

    One of our editors found a productive, fun way to cope with a series of injuries that could have easily sidelined her. arrow

  • Special Olympics Debut A New Sport

    By Ashley Lauretta   July 28 2015

    This year marked the debut of the triathlon in the Special Olympics World Games, and some well-known faces made their way out to Long Beach arrow

  • Get Ready for Your First Tri With Our 6 Week Plan

    By Lesley Paterson   October 9 2014

    6 weeks is all you need to get ready to swim, bike, and run.arrow

  • How To Avoid Five Common Triathlete Issues

    By Susan Lacke   September 26 2014

    Sidestep common triathlete woes with these simple tricks.arrow

  • Tips & Tricks for Tri-Newbies

    By Women's Running   September 18 2014

    Tackling your first triathlon? We answer common questions and share tips for beginners.arrow

  • Pre-Race Day Nutrition

    By Linsey Corbin   May 2 2014

    Pro Triathlete and Ironman Los Cabos winner Linsey Corbin covers pre-race day nutrition. arrow

  • Why I Run: Chrissie Wellington

    By Women's Running   February 7 2013

    Professional triathlete and reigning Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington tells us what keeps her moving! arrow

  • Training Plan: Your First Triathlon!

    By Matt Fitzgerald   December 18 2012

    Want to become a faster runner? Give triathlons a shot! Train for your first sprint- or Olympic-distance triathlon with our flexible plan.arrow

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