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Trail Running

  • How To Chill Out When Running On The Trails

    By Hillary Kigar

    Want to hit the trails but worried about tripping and falling? Our resident coach shares how to be more confident and enjoy the adventure.

  • Foraging On Your Next Trail Run? Follow These Rules.

    By Jessica Sebor

    If you're thinking of foraging some fuel while out on the trails, here are some important rules to follow so you stay safe.

  • How To Pick Up The Pace And Transition To Trail Racing


    If you've been running on the trails for fun and have some experience under your belt, here is how to make the jump and start trail racing.

  • Here’s How To Handle A Litter Bug On The Trails

    By Lizzie Post

    What should you say if you see someone tossing their wrappers and gels on the trails? Our etiquette expert has the answer.

  • 5 Pieces Of Gear That Make The Perfect Trail Outfit

    By Team WR

    Here are some of our favorite things to grab for a deep-woods adventure.

  • 5 Trail Races For All Runners

    By Kara Deschenes

    Whether you are a trail veteran or a complete newbie, we've rounded up a list of trail races that cater to different experience levels.

  • We Ran 48 Miles Across The Sierras Just Because

    By Morgan Gonzalez

    An adventurous run over the Sierras mountain range (and back) reshapes two pro runner’s perceptions of running, teamwork and love.

  • Don't Be Afraid Of Not Being 'Outdoorsy'


    You don't have to be 'outdoorsy' to hit the trails. Here are four ways to become comfortable in the great outdoors for a new adventure.

  • You Can Eat These Things While Foraging On Trail Runs

    By Jessica Sebor

    Welcome to the wild world of foraging.

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