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  • 8 Things That Play A Role In Getting Faster

    By Jennifer Bonn   June 16 2016

    If you want to become faster you have to work for it. arrow

  • 3 Ways To Get Faster That Don’t Involve Running

    By Bethany Rutledge, M.A.   June 10 2016

    On your rest days, these 3 things can help you increase your speed. arrow

  • When You Fail Your Plan For 2 Weeks

    By Nicki Miller   April 13 2016

    Time to get your head back in the game!arrow

  • 3 Golden Rules For The Perfect Speed Workout

    By Matt Fitzgerald   August 4 2015

    Make sure your next (or first!) speed session is a complete success.arrow

  • Get Speedy With These 4 Interval Workouts

    By NYC Running Mama   June 30 2015

    Don't be afraid of speedwork. These interval workouts will help you get faster.arrow

  • 9 Ways To Fartlek

    By Jené Shaw   May 20 2015

    Some ideas to add a little fun and speed back into your workouts.arrow

  • 10 Tips That Will Make You a Faster Runner

    By Leta Shy   April 21 2015

    Slow and steady not cutting it for you anymore? Here are 10 simple ways to increase your running speed.arrow

  • Training Plans: Fastest 10K Ever!

    By Christine Luff   March 5 2013

    Want to run a brand-new personal best? Choose from three tailored 10k plans, guaranteed to help you reach your goal!arrow

  • Musical Motivation

    By Tiffany Connors   October 10 2008

    Be coached by Olympic gold medalist marathoner Joan Benoit Samuelson or long distance track star Kara Goucher on your next run and get a arrow