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  • New Year, New Shoe!

    By Team WR   January 14 2016

    We asked you to tell us what your go-to kicks are.arrow

  • Read This Before You Try ‘Minimalist’ Running

    By Ashley Lauretta   December 16 2015

    Is minimalist running just a trend? One shoe distributor sets the record straight. arrow

  • The Crazy Evolution Of Your Shoe

    By Fara Rosenzweig   December 3 2015

    We've come a long way to get to the awesome styles we have now.arrow

  • Reader Recs: The Best Shoes For New Runners

    By Team WR   November 5 2015

    Our readers share their favorite running shoes to hit the roads in.arrow

  • Trail Shoe Lingo You Need To Know

    By Lisa Jhung   October 27 2015

    This is your complete guide to an intimate knowledge of trail shoes.arrow

  • The Top Trail Running Shoes To Invest In

    By Allison Pattillo   October 19 2015

    Here’s some of our favorite gear for off-road running.arrow

  • Adidas Has Created A 3D-Printed Running Shoe

    By Ashley Lauretta   October 14 2015

    New technology is taking the running shoe industry by storm, and this shoe proves that's going to be awesome.arrow

  • The Right Way To Clean Your Running Shoes

    By Allison Pattillo   October 7 2015

    For runners that like their shoes looking spotless, learn the steps to make them shine.arrow

  • Get A Sneak Peek Of What’s Coming From ASICS

    By Race Pace Jess   October 5 2015

    GEL-Fit Sana™ 2, $80 This stylish training shoe is getting some great color updates this winter. The shoe itself isn’t changing at all arrow

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