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  • A Runner Reviews A Very Popular Running Shoe

    By Kristin Lassen   July 20 2016

    In the market for a new pair of shoes with plenty of cushion, one runner was directed to the Challenger ATR 2.arrow

  • Why Her Running Shoes Are Her Daughter’s Favorite

    By Cate Hotchkiss   July 19 2016

    After losing her daughter Gracie to brain cancer, Liz Flores turned to running to find solace.arrow

  • 3 Great Running Shoes For Any Budget

    By Allison Pattillo   July 13 2016

    Running shoes are available in every price range.arrow

  • Why You Should Consider Shoes Made Exclusively For Women

    By Ashley Lauretta   May 11 2016

    There are actual benefits to getting shoes that aren't just a smaller version of a men's shoe. arrow

  • Get A Sneak Peek Of The Fall Line From New Balance

    By Race Pace Jess   May 9 2016

    New Balance has some great new shoes coming out in the fall and one blogger has all of the details.arrow

  • What The Heck Do I Do When Her Shoes Smell?

    By Lizzie Post   May 6 2016

    Noticed a smell coming from your friend's running shoes and don't know how to tell her (or him)?arrow

  • The 13 Best New Running Shoes For Spring

    By Allison Pattillo   April 15 2016

    For our spring Sole Mate Awards, we put dozens of running shoes through the wringer to suss out 13 winning styles.arrow

  • 6 Pairs Of Sneakers Every Runner Has Owned

    By Alison Barsalona   March 29 2016

    If you look in your closet, you will likely find most—if not all—of these pairs in it.arrow

  • This Is Where You Save The Most Money On Running Shoes

    By Jens Jakob Andersen   March 29 2016

    The results of a brand new running shoe study will surprise you!arrow

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