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Running Shoes

  • No Surprise—Heavier Running Shoes Can Slow You Down

    By Team WR

    A new study shows that the weight of your shoes can make a difference on race day. Here's what the University of Colorado found.

  • Two Shoes, Same Fit, Different Purpose

    By Kristin Lassen

    One runner's experience with Nike Air Zoom Odyssey 2 and ASICS Gel-Kayano 23.

  • Would You Wear New Running Shoes In This Situation?

    By Lizzie Post

    Our etiquette expert addresses what to do when a friend buys you a new pair of race-day shoes, just a few days before your race.

  • What Are The Best Long-Distance Running Shoes?

    By Hillary Kigar

    Hint: There isn't just one answer.

  • 5 Rules For Buying Your Next Pair Of Running Shoes

    By Allison Pattillo

    Shopping for shoes only sounds like frivolous fun.

  • VIDEO: A Behind The Scenes Look At On’s Limited

    By Team WR

    Today, On releases the limited edition of their iconic Cloud shoe.

  • How Changing Your Shoe Can Decrease Foot Pain

    By Ronni Gordon

    After battling leukemia and other hardships, one runner is not letting a painful toe slow her down.

  • If You Give A Mom A Pair Of Running Shoes

    By Paria Hassouri

    Magic happens when we slip on our running shoes.

  • A Runner Reviews A Very Popular Running Shoe

    By Kristin Lassen

    In the market for a new pair of shoes with plenty of cushion, one runner was directed to the Challenger ATR 2.

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