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  • Should You Take Time Off After A Marathon Or Keep Running?

    By Jeff Gaudette   April 20 2015

    How soon you start running again after a marathon depends on how well you recover.arrow

  • How Stephanie Bruce Solves Runner Recovery Issues

    By Stephanie Bruce   April 16 2015

    Stephanie Bruce breaks down potential barriers that might be hindering a runner's proper recovery.arrow

  • Culinary Curatives: 4 Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients

    By Susan Lacke   April 8 2015

    Athletes are skipping the over-the-counter meds in favor of natural (and tasty!) anti-inflammatory ingredients.arrow

  • We’re Obsessed: Race Day Essentials

    By Team WR   April 7 2015

    These race-day essentials can make or break a successful run and happy recovery.arrow

  • Ask A Coach: Your Questions on Long Run Recovery and More

    By Hillary Kigar   October 21 2014

    NCAA runner turned high school coach Hillary Kigar has an answer for all things trainingarrow

  • Tackling Inflammation The Natural Way

    By Kim Mueller, R.D.   June 13 2014

    Ditch medicines and use whole food to keep soreness and inflammation at bay.arrow

  • Post-Marathon Plan

    By Jeff Banowetz   April 8 2014

    Build on the success of your first marathon by recovering correctly!arrow

  • 3 Foods to Fight Muscle Soreness

    By Gina Crome of   January 9 2014

    Want to speed up your recovery after a hard workout? Check out these three foods - proven to aid in muscle repair!arrow

  • The Importance of Sleep for Runners

    By Susan Lacke   April 1 2013

    There's more to sleep than just lying there. Learn how many Z's you really need and how to avoid the most common shut-eye stealers!arrow

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