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  • Should You Sit Out A Race If You’re Sick?

    By Hillary Kigar   November 3 2015

    You've trained for months and then get sick right before your race. Should you still run?arrow

  • Don’t Do These Things At Your First Race

    By Eat Pray Run DC   October 14 2015

    If you're new to racing, follow these tips to make race day more enjoyable for everyone.arrow

  • 6 Tips For Successful First-Time Racers

    By Christine Hinton   July 3 2015

    Train for your race and finish with a great attitude by remembering these 6 things.arrow

  • How to Poop Before a Race (Yes, It’s Important!)

    By Jenny Sugar   June 11 2015

    Here are some ways to prevent poop anxiety to ensure you won't need an emergency visit to the porta-potty during a race.arrow

  • Race-Day Tips To Make It From Start To Finish!

    By Christine Hinton   April 10 2015

    Here are some simple tips to get from the start line to the finish line.arrow

  • A Chat with Deena Kastor

    By Jessie Sebor   August 11 2014

    Deena chats about her plans for Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia and how she gets ready to race!arrow

  • Eat Pray Run DC: Tips for Choosing a Fall Race

    By Eat Pray Run DC   July 24 2014

    Courtney Dredden outlines her 5 tips for choosing a fall goal race.arrow

  • Is Your GPS Watch Lying To You On Race Day?

    By Jason Devaney   July 14 2014

    A course certifier explains how race distances are measured.arrow

  • Race-Day Survival Kit

    By Jessie Sebor   June 25 2014

    We'll help you pack everything you need for race day.arrow

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