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  • 4 Ways To Beat The Summer Running Slump

    By Alison Barsalona   June 9 2016

    rom too much fun to too much sun, there are plenty of excuses that could keep you from workouts this summer. arrow

  • What My Non-Runner Dad Taught Me About Running

    By Alison Barsalona   June 8 2016

    This runner's dad doesn't run, but he still manages to teach her lessons that make her stronger every day. arrow

  • The Truth Behind Successfully Making Huge Life Changes

    By Ashley Lauretta   June 7 2016

    Spoiler alert: Motivation? It's total BS.arrow

  • This Simple Trick Can Help You Get Out Of Bed And Run

    By Team WR   May 27 2016

    In case you need extra dose of motivation in the mornings.arrow

  • 3 Ways To Be More Thankful On The Run

    By Fat Girl Running   May 17 2016

    Complaining can be easy but really being appreciating each run can be so worth it.arrow

  • 5 Reasons To Publicly Declare Your Goals, Not Hide Them

    By Elizabeth Ewens   May 16 2016

    Here's why one runner thinks when you decide to chase a goal, you should share it with everyone.arrow

  • One Uplifting Message Reminds Us Of The Power Of Dreams

    By Lisa Smith-Batchen   April 7 2016

    Before we get caught up in life's busy schedules and self doubts, don't forget what your original goal—your dream—was. arrow

  • 10 Quotes For An Extra Dose Of Motivation

    By Team WR   April 6 2016

    Sometimes, all you need is a simple mantra to get you through the final miles of a run or race. arrow

  • Here’s Why So Many People Quit The Gym After January

    By Kathleen Woods   March 22 2016

    So many people abandon those gym-filled resolutions come spring. Here are the tips to keep at it all the way to 2017. arrow

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