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  • 3 Ways To Be More Thankful On The Run

    By Fat Girl Running   May 17 2016

    Complaining can be easy but really being appreciating each run can be so worth it.arrow

  • 5 Reasons To Publicly Declare Your Goals, Not Hide Them

    By Elizabeth Ewens   May 16 2016

    Here's why one runner thinks when you decide to chase a goal, you should share it with everyone.arrow

  • One Uplifting Message Reminds Us Of The Power Of Dreams

    By Lisa Smith-Batchen   April 7 2016

    Before we get caught up in life's busy schedules and self doubts, don't forget what your original goal—your dream—was. arrow

  • 10 Quotes For An Extra Dose Of Motivation

    By Team WR   April 6 2016

    Sometimes, all you need is a simple mantra to get you through the final miles of a run or race. arrow

  • Here’s Why So Many People Quit The Gym After January

    By Kathleen Woods   March 22 2016

    So many people abandon those gym-filled resolutions come spring. Here are the tips to keep at it all the way to 2017. arrow

  • 6 Reasons Bad Races Make Great Runners

    By Laura Norris   March 21 2016

    Don't fret your worst races—those ones are actually the performances that make you great in the end. Amiright?arrow

  • 3 Mid-Race Mantras That Keep You Moving

    By Eat Pray Run DC   March 16 2016

    When your race hits those "dark miles," here are some tried and true things to say to yourself. arrow

  • The One Running Selfie We Should Share But Never Do

    By Run Selfie Repeat   March 10 2016

    We always share our happiness and triumphs, but maybe we should be sharing this moment too.arrow

  • 6 Tricks To Stay Motivated While Training For A Race

    By Christine Hinton   March 10 2016

    What usually starts with a bang can sometimes fizzle a bit as the training progresses. Don't let that happen to you.arrow

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