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  • 71-Year-Old Is Oldest Woman To Finish 100-Mile Race

    By Niall Kavanagh   July 1 2015

    An incredible runner beats the 100-mile cut-off time by 6 seconds—and is greeted with a roaring crowd!arrow

  • This Runner Met The Love Of Her Life At A 5K

    By Emily Polachek   June 23 2015

    Joining a running club changed Rhonda Condrey's life.arrow

  • One Runner’s Incredible Weight-Loss Journey

    By Almetria Turner   June 15 2015

    After being diagnosed with diabetes, Almetria Turner started her journey to a healthier life.arrow

  • How One Runner Ditched More Than 100 Pounds

    By Don Norcross   June 8 2015

    Melanie Osman regained her confidence and completed her first marathon.arrow

  • 5 Reasons To Run Your First 5K

    By Alison Barsalona   June 5 2015

    There are plenty of reasons to begin running—start small with 3.1 miles and build your way up!arrow

  • 10 Reasons Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Rules

    By Jessica Sebor   June 4 2015

    Discover why the original Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series race still rocks and rules after more than 15 years.arrow

  • Motigo App Unites Runners With Their Biggest Fans

    By Nicki Miller   June 4 2015

    Bring your best supporters with you to every race you run—all in one motivational app!arrow

  • 10 Ways To Celebrate National Running Day

    By Team WR   June 2 2015

    Celebrate with a $5 6-month subscription to Women's Running—and nine other ways to celebrate too!arrow

  • Lessons From Harriette, The World's Oldest Marathoner

    By Ben Bloom   June 2 2015

    A member of the Rock 'n' Roll San Diego staff offers a few quick lessons from the world's oldest marathoner.arrow

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