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  • How One Runner’s Short Life Inspired Another’s

    By Anoush Arakelian   November 30 2015

    The death of two young runners gave some powerful fuel to another who ran in their honor.arrow

  • This Runner Did Not Get Into Elite Racing The Way You Might

    By Andrea Duke   November 25 2015

    Sometimes an accident quite literally propels you into your dream job—or the Olympic Trials Marathon.arrow

  • But What Exactly Is A ‘Real Runner’?

    By Jennifer Bonn   November 23 2015

    You hear the phrase all the time—but what the heck does it mean?arrow

  • A Program Is Empowering Girls Before They Enter High School

    By Allison Pattillo   November 19 2015

    Do you know a SisuGirl? If you’ve ever watched toddlers, they tend to be incredibly determined when it comes to learning new things and arrow

  • Cutoff Time Doesn't Stop Marathoner From Finishing Race

    By Team WR   November 18 2015

    This runner can teach us all what it means to really go the distance.arrow

  • Why Lauren Fleshman Is Such A Big Deal

    By CAITLYN PILKINGTON & JESSIE SEBOR    November 16 2015

    This woman is so many things to so many runners and we just can't get enough.arrow

  • A Famous Women’s Running Pioneer Started A Global

    By Allison Pattillo   November 12 2015

    She's famous for plowing through doubts in Boston years ago, and now she's famous again for spreading her message further. arrow

  • One Runner Shares Her Life As A Civilian Working For The

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   November 12 2015

    Chris Anne “is a runner who runs for stress after deployments to Iraq, Djibouti and Afghanistan.” Currently working as a arrow

  • Woman One Of First To Represent Her Country In The Olympics


    This former Women's Running cover runner is changing the game.arrow

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