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  • She Lost 100 Lbs Then Ran NYC Half

    By As Told To Kara Deschenes   August 26 2016

    Her journey to becoming a runner wasn't an easy one, but Shelly Wilson chased her goals. arrow

  • What Actually Makes Us Think We “Aren’t Real

    By Cindy Chang   August 26 2016

    I recently caught myself thinking that thought we’re never supposed to think: I’m not a real runner. Yet I run nearly every day, 3-4 arrow

  • One Runner Is Ditching Athena Division

    By Michele Sprague   August 23 2016

    Updated author’s note: This article is not intended to insult anyone or the Athena Division. Actually, everyone should be arrow

  • Whole Story Of Runner Who Missed Rio

    By Phoebe Wright   August 22 2016

    Witnessing a runner missing her Olympic Dream on the track isn't the whole story—Phoebe explains why, and we adore her for it.arrow

  • 4 Takeaways From Athletes In Rio

    By Race Pace Jess   August 22 2016

    The 2016 Olympic Games came to a close yesterday, but the inspiration these athletes gave us is not leaving any time soon.arrow

  • Comment During Marathon Pissed People Off

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   August 21 2016

    After fumbling over some facts regarding Meb Keflezighi, one commentator made a correction that didn't appease anyone. arrow

  • New Book Tells Famous Olympic Story

    By Kyle Keiderling   August 19 2016

    Who remembers this race? arrow

  • I Won't Stop Running Alone

    By Elizabeth Carr   August 19 2016

    One runner was deeply affected by recent tragic events in Massachusetts, but this is why she won't stop running solo. arrow

  • U.S. Women Slayed These Olympics

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   August 18 2016

    From the first gold medal of the games, to the 1,000th ever for Team USA, women are dominating their disciplines in badass fashion. arrow

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