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  • What Running “Because I Can” Really Means

    By Alison Barsalona   October 6 2015

    The one phrase every runner says takes on more intense meaning when it gets really personal. arrow

  • Fit Is A Feeling, Not An Image

    By Garret Garrels   October 5 2015

    When it comes to fitness, sometimes it is best to just focus on how you're feeling.arrow

  • Hidden Cameras Follow The Fans Of Four Unknowing Runners

    By Team WR   September 30 2015

    Surprise! You have some biggest fans at your race that you never knew about.arrow

  • Chelsea King Was A Runner Before She Was A Victim

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   September 28 2015

    Before her tragic story made news five years ago, Chelsea King was a dedicated runner, and her life is inspiring a national movement.arrow

  • One Powerful Woman Behind A Large High-School Running Meet

    By Team WR   September 28 2015

    "As a woman in the sports business, it starts and ends with the confidence I have in myself to excel..."arrow

  • Little Known Cause Of Cancer Is Front And Center

    By Paria Hassouri   September 25 2015

    One woman's battle through stage 4 is inspiring hundreds of runners to go out and run across the country.arrow

  • 15 Tips For New Runners And Reminders For Veteran Runners

    By Ashley Jones, RatherBeRunnin'   September 25 2015

    #12 is perhaps the most important reminder of all!arrow

  • Four Reasons To Fall For Autumn Running

    By Alison Barsalona   September 22 2015

    It's marathon season, it's cooling down, it's basically the holidays—do we really need four more reasons? Okay, we totally do.arrow

  • Runner And Rape Survivor Shares Her Story In A New Book

    By Monika Kørra   September 22 2015

    In an excerpt from her new book, one runner shares how she refused to labeled as a victim.arrow

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