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  • How To Adapt To Steamy Summer Runs

    By Ben Knights   August 4 2015

    if you train your body to adapt to heat, you could see improved endurance when the temperature drops again.arrow

  • 5 Hot Tips For Summertime Running

    By Ashley Lauretta   July 28 2015

    Summer is just heating up (it's the hottest year ever!), so here's some helpful tips to continue to hit your stride under the sun.arrow

  • Running the Numbers: Hot-Weather Moves!

    By Women's Running   September 25 2013

    Some like it hot. . .How do hot temps affect YOUR workout? We asked, you answered about hot-weather running.arrow

  • Gear: Hot Weather Running Clothes!

    By Allison Pattillo   September 25 2013

    Look hot in these styles with high-tech cooling fabric designed to beat the end-of-summer heat!arrow

  • 9 Tips for Hot Weather Running

    By Jenny Hadfield   September 16 2013

    Trying to beat the end-of-summer heat while getting your run on? Read these tips to power through your next steamy session!arrow

  • Why Running in the Heat Feels Tough

    By As told to Jessica Sebor   August 30 2013

    Why is running in hot weather so dang miserable—and when is it downright dangerous? Find out the scoop on the heat to stay safe!arrow

  • Running In Hot Weather

    By Kara Deschenes   April 17 2012

    Yesterday, runners racing at the 2012 Boston Marathon experienced unusually high temperatures. Though runners preparing for a marathon arrow