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  • Mindy Kaling GIFs To Explain Racing

    By Run Selfie Repeat   November 19 2015

    Mindy is hilarious—and her mannerisms are totally relatable to running a half (right?).arrow

  • How To Show Appreciation For The Towns And Cities Hosting

    By ANDREA HERRMANN   November 17 2015

    There is much more to a race than hitting that PR. arrow

  • Photos From The World’s Largest Halloween Half

    By Team WR   October 29 2015

    These photos of the spookiest race in the world are the perfect Halloween costume inspiration.arrow

  • Burglary Suspect Tried To Blend In With Half Marathoners

    By Team WR   October 28 2015

    This burglary suspect tried to use a half marathon to run from the police.arrow

  • 8-Week Intermediate Half Marathon Training Plan

    By Matt Fitzgerald   September 25 2015

    We'll get you into half marathon shape in 2 months.arrow

  • Run A Half In 4 Weeks With Our Intermediate Training Plan

    By Matt Fitzgerald   September 22 2015

    If you can run 6 miles, you can finish a half marathon!arrow

  • 8 Week Beginner Run/Walk Half Marathon Training Plan

    By Matt Fitzgerald   September 17 2015

    In only two months, you can be ready to tackle 13.1 miles.arrow

  • 10 Ways Marathon Training Is Different Than Half Training

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   September 16 2015

    You can probably attest to these differences between 13.1 and 26.2 training, right?arrow

  • Run A Half Marathon In 4 Weeks With Our Beginner Plan

    By Matt Fitzgerald   September 10 2015

    When your 13.1 race is a month away—but you haven’t exactly been “training”—this plan is perfect.arrow

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