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  • Running A Half Marathon—As Told By Emojis

    By Run Selfie Repeat   August 18 2016

    Sometimes, the best way to describe a race is without words.arrow

  • 13.1 Mantras To Get You Through Your Next Half Marathon

    By Run Far Girl   August 3 2016

    It is perfectly normal to need an added dose of motivation during a half marathon.arrow

  • 5 Tips To Help You Stick With Half Marathon Training

    By Christine Hinton   April 7 2016

    Because life will always try to get in the way of your training.arrow

  • 5 Reasons You’ll Love The Half Marathon

    By T-Rex Runner   April 1 2016

    Our Marathon Maniac shares why she can't get enough of 13.1 miles.arrow

  • A Half Marathon Training Plan That Works For Every Runner

    By Christine Hinton   March 31 2016

    This schedule allows half marathon hungry runners to train anywhere from three to six days per week. arrow

  • 13.1 Things You Didn’t Know About Half Marathons

    By Team WR   March 21 2016

    Everything you need to know about the most popular race distance.arrow

  • Can A Half Marathon Be Your First Race?

    By Hillary Kigar   February 22 2016

    Can you really go from zero to 13.1 miles? Our resident coach has the answer.arrow

  • Father Sets World Record, Wins Half Marathon Pushing

    By Ryan Wood   February 8 2016

    Calum Neff pushed while his 11 month old daughter babbled the whole way.arrow

  • A Beautiful Weekend In Sedona

    By Nicki Miller   February 8 2016

    Both the hills and the scenery in Sedona, Ariz., took runners' breath away this weekend.arrow

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