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  • 5 Ways To Make Running More Fun

    By Mile Posts   December 18 2015

    We may think running is awesome, but everybody has those days when it just seems impossible.arrow

  • How To Organize An Awesome Holiday Lights Run

    By Eat Pray Run DC   December 16 2015

    Grab some friends, wear your holiday gear and hit the road for this fun run.arrow

  • Why Are These Runners Racing In Their Underwear?

    By Team WR   November 5 2015

    These runners are stripping down for a good cause.arrow

  • What The Heck Is Ride And Tie?

    By Anna O'Brien   April 24 2015

    What has four arms and eight legs? The Ride and Tie relay.arrow

  • Rave Races: Party in the USA!

    By Jessica Sebor   May 1 2013

    Let the games begin! From spray-paint showers to human-hungry zombies, these 3.1-mile races are 5k-razy.arrow

  • Fun Races!

    By Kara Deschenes   March 14 2012

    Sure, we all like to get out and run a race and push ourselves to obtain a new PR (personal record), but sometimes it’s fun to run in arrow