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  • Keep Your Running Goals Year-Round

    By Jenny Hadfield   March 13 2014

    Don't let your goals for the year go by spring. Use these tips to keep your goals going year-round!arrow

  • Run Coach Jenny Hadfield’s Favorite Things!

    By Jenny Hadfield   September 3 2013

    Looking for a unique gift for the runner girl in your life? Check out a few of celebrity running coach Jenny Hadfield's favorite things!arrow

  • Treadmill vs. Outdoor Running

    By Jenny Hadfield   June 19 2013

    Want to change up your treadmill routine and head outdoors? Celebrity running coach Jenny Hadfield provides tips to take it to the street!arrow

  • Bust Out of a Running Plateau!

    By Jenny Hadfield   June 10 2013

    Are your run times stagnant? Celebrity run coach, Jenny Hadfield, weighs in on dealing with the dreaded plateau. . .arrow

  • Coach Jenny’s Favorite Things!

    By Jenny Hadfield   March 20 2013

    Check out the latest products Coach Jenny is loving!arrow

  • Coach Jenny’s Favorite Things

    By Jenny Hadfield   February 6 2013

    Celebrity run coach and author Jenny Hadfield shares some of her favorite products with Women's Running! arrow

  • Becoming A Runner

    By Jenny Hadfield   December 27 2012

    Coach Jenny shares her best advice for avoiding the most common missteps new runners make. arrow

  • Warm Up Essentials

    By Kara Deschenes   July 24 2012

    This week’s Women’s Running “Ask A Coach” feature reminds us all to devote time to a proper warm up cycle before arrow

  • Ask A Coach: Shoe Longevity

    By Kara Deschenes   July 9 2012

    This week’s Women’s Running “Ask A Coach” question came to us on Twitter from @Running2Be. Check out the expert arrow