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  • Boston Marathon Bomber Sentenced To Death

    By Team WR   May 15 2015

    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the men responsible for the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, received the death penalty today, according to CNN. arrow

  • In Defense Of The Running Cheaters

    By Jessica Sebor   May 11 2015

    Editor Jessie Sebor shares her thoughts on the cheater shaming going on in our sport.arrow

  • San Diego To Host Half-Marathon Invitational Race

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   May 7 2015

    Snag a spot at the start line of the first-ever half-marathon invite.arrow

  • This Runner Mama Ran For Two At The Boston Marathon

    By Connie Shieh   May 5 2015

    One runner hopes to run Boston 23 more times—and inspire mother runners everywhere.arrow

  • Boston Marathon Wellesley Kissing Mystery Finally Solved

    By Team WR   May 5 2015

    Barbara Tatge tried a new twist on an old tradition and the results were surprising.arrow

  • 2015 Boston Marathon Champ Continues With Mizuno

    By Team WR   April 30 2015

    This year's Boston Marathon winner will continue her partnership with Mizuno USA.arrow

  • 12 Reasons Why The Boston Marathon is Magical

    By NYC Running Mama   April 28 2015

    If Boston isn't on your bucket list, these reasons may change your mind.arrow

  • Don’t Ruin Your Race Before It Even Starts!

    By Hungry Runner Girl   April 27 2015

    Instead of worrying about factors you can't control— like the weather— focus on the positive before a race.arrow

  • What I Learned From Running In Boston

    By Nicki Miller   April 23 2015

    Editor Nicki Miller appreciated every single part of her first marathon experience.arrow

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