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  • Setting Impossible Goals And Chasing A Boston Qualifying

    By Run Selfie Repeat   April 28 2016

    A tragic accident led one runner to live with the goal of going after the impossible.arrow

  • She Celebrated Her 40th Birthday By Running The Boston

    By Kara Deschenes   April 22 2016

    The Boston Marathon was Christine Campbell's hometown race.arrow

  • 10 Things About My First Boston

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   April 20 2016

    I was fairly warned about some—and totally shocked by others. arrow

  • The Boston Marathon Winner Gave Her Trophy To Bobbi Gibb

    By Team WR   April 20 2016

    After learning of Bobbi Gibb's historic run 50 years ago, the Boston winner thanked her in an amazing way.arrow

  • What Were Boston Marathoners’ Favorite Moments?

    By Jessica Sebor   April 19 2016

    Read these special moments and you'll feel like you ran the marathon--minus the cramping legs! arrow

  • Parkinson’s Disease Patient Completing Third Boston

    By Team WR   April 18 2016

    She was cut off at mile 24 in 2013, returned in 2014 to finish and is racing again this year in Boston!arrow

  • She Underwent Cancer Treatment After Boston

    By Kate Beland   April 17 2016

    And she considers her nine months of recovery a redo of those final 6 miles of the marathon. And we applaud her.arrow

  • This Running Icon Knows How To Make A Statement

    By Jessica Sebor, Nicki Miller and Caitlyn Pilkington   April 17 2016

    Switzer inspired a movement in 1967 and continues to move the sport forward with 261Fearless.arrow

  • 9 Photos That Prove Boston’s The Best City For Runners

    By Jessica Sebor   April 17 2016

    On marathon weekend, Boston turns on the charm. arrow

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