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  • How To Prevent Pain And Soreness After A Race

    By Hilary Kigar   January 21 2016

    You just crossed the finish line—but don't stop there if you want your legs to recover.arrow

  • Staying Sane While Injured

    By Hillary Kigar   December 30 2015

    It's not easy. Follow this advice, straight from a coach.arrow

  • Is Your Dog Really A Good Training Partner?

    By Hillary Kigar   December 18 2015

    Find out if your pooch should be hitting the road or trails with you.arrow

  • Ask A Coach: Easing Back Into Running After Injury

    By Hillary Kigar   September 28 2015

    What is the best way to get back into running after an injury?arrow

  • The One Thing You Should Carry On Every Run

    By Hillary Kiagr   September 11 2015

    Do you have this essential item?arrow

  • Here’s Why It’s A Good Idea To Bring Salt

    By Hillary Kigar   September 7 2015

    Our coach answers your race day questions.arrow

  • Could Your Period Affect Your Cross-Training?

    By Hillary Kigar   August 31 2015

    Find out if you need to make modifications for that time of month.arrow

  • Should You Strength Train On Hard Or Easy Days?

    By Hillary Kigar   July 23 2015

    Our coach Hillary Kigar has the answer to this and all of your running questions!arrow

  • Should You Take A Rest Day?

    By Hillary Kigar   June 22 2015

    Answers to your questions on rest days, numb toes, and a beginner training plan.arrow

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