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  • Runner Safety: An App You Must Try!

    By Kara Deschenes   July 18 2013

    A simple switch in run plans can lead to your family not knowing where you are in case of emergency. Check out this app to stay safe today!arrow

  • Fun Running Apps You Should Try!

    By Kara Deschenes   March 7 2013

    Kick your routine up a notch with the latest running apps for your smartphone!arrow

  • Calorie Crunching Apps

    By Jessica Sebor   January 9 2013

    Curious to find out how many calories pass by your lips during the day? Download these handy (and free!) apps to track your caloric needs.arrow

  • New Running App: Zombies, Run!

    By Kara Deschenes   February 28 2012

    Ever get tired of running the same old route with the same old playlist jamming through your headphones? We’ve all been there. In arrow