Hey Runner Girls –

We are so happy that you’ve supported the Women’s Running Series and Women’s Running magazine over the years. You guys are the best—and you inspire us every single day.

Standing at the start line takes serious guts, and we love watching you cross the finish line—and celebrating your success afterward of course!

This summer, you’ve probably been sweating away getting in those steamy miles and hydrating by the gallon. And we’ve also been working hard (although with less chafing—we hope!) to make sure that this year’s Women’s Running Series is the best one ever. We’ve refreshed everything from the logo to the website to the look and feel of the races to ensure you have an incredible experience. A few highlights of our little revamp include. . .

A Whole New Look

Our bold new logo reflects your strength and runner-girl power. You’ll see it plastered over our new website, reworked to give you all the info you need in one fun little spot. Visit womensrunning.com/series to check it out!

Even More Event-Weekend Perks!

The Health & Fitness Expotique will be more beautiful than ever before with awesome shopping and fresh flowers lining the aisles. During the race, you’ll feel totally taken care of with full on-course support. After, we’re serving up delicious (free!) desserts at our Sweet Retreat that you can wash down with a complimentary glass of vino.

Community Support

As runners ourselves, we know that running is better together. We’ve built out an amazing community of 600K+ runners on Facebook and Twitter. We love sharing our experience, lending training tips, asking questions and motivating each other along the way. We’d love for you to join us at Facebook.com/RunWRS and @RUNWRS on Twitter!

We hope you will enjoy the changes we have made to the Women’s Running Series and cannot wait to see you cross the finish line! If you have any feedback, let us know. We always love hearing from you!


Jessie Sebor
Editor in Chief
Women’s Running Magazine
Nicole Christenson
General Manager
Women’s Running Series