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Our Women’s Running newsletter, landing in your inboxes twice a week, includes our latest and greatest training plan, delicious recipes, feel-good stories from your fellow runners, general wellness tips and so much more every week. Based on what our readers are loving that week, the newsletter brings you those top hits, plus the newest content on our website. Are you in the know with what’s hot at WR? 

Signing up for our free newsletter will make sure the following things happen:

  • You know what hot gear is out for runners from your favorite brands.
  • You’ll catch our top stories as they come out during the week.
  • You’ll be able to start sentences with, “Well, I read in the WR newsletter that…”
  • You’ll tear up reading about amazing other runners’ stories of overcoming obstacles, hitting BQ goals, finishing their first race and basically everything else that gives us all the feels.
  • Hump day will feel more tolerable with our Wednesday send, and the weekend will start off right with our early-a.m. Saturday inbox drop.

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