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How to Recover From Your Race

  • Post-Marathon Plan
    Build on the success of your first marathon by recovering correctly!
  • 3 Foods to Fight Muscle Soreness
    Want to speed up your recovery after a hard workout? Check out these three foods - proven to aid in muscle repair!
  • The Importance of Sleep for Runners
    There's more to sleep than just lying there. Learn how many Z's you really need and how to avoid the most common shut-eye stealers!
  • Gear: Pamper Tired Muscles!
    Pamper your tired muscles with these at-home tools to keep them coming back for more, day after day!
  • Recovery Rules
    It’s time to put sore muscles in your rear view! Follow our foolproof plan to recover more quickly.
  • Muscle Compression Machines
    If you’ve done a race or trained with a group of runners recently, you’re sure to have seen people wearing compression socks.
  • Recovery Days
    Let’s be honest. Chasing down the surge of post-run endorphins is addicting and taking a day off can feel like cruel punishment. Did
  • Milk and cereal better than sports drinks for muscle
    Instead of grabbing a Gatorade after a run or workout, try pouring a bowl of your favorite breakfast cereal and milk. According to a recent