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  • This Year Of Running Video Is Cute

    By Cynthia Martinez

    Cynthia Martinez will also document her 12-week journey to the Boston Marathon start line.

  • Alysia Montaño's Killer Plank Routine

    By Alysia Montano

    Get an inside look at just how she gets those abs of steel.

  • Keysha Lleras Tells Her Comeback Story

    By Team WR

    After more than 3,000 runners submitted applications for our Cover Runner Contest powered by Jaybird with the Rock ‘n’ Roll

  • Elite Wins Marathon Dressed As Elvis

    By Team WR


  • Boston Marathon Trailer Is Chilling

    By Team WR

    It shows us the tragedy that's unfolded since April 13, 2013, but more importantly, it shows the strength of its survivors.

  • 3 Ways To Make Speed Work Not Suck

    By Run Selfie Repeat

    Speed work doesn't have to be horrible—if you set your expectations correctly. See what advice Run Selfie Repeat has to share.

  • A Course Tour Of Rock 'n' Roll Vegas

    By Team WR

    What's cooler than shutting down Vegas for a race? Shutting it down to film a course tour.

  • Video Shows Rock 'n' Roll Medal Creation

    By Team WR

    Ever wonder how those medals of your favorite races just come about? One video shows the sketch, art, time, hands and final product.

  • Reporter Runs Through A Tour of Bridget Jones' Diary

    By Team WR

    Before interviewing the cast of Bridget Jones's Baby, Nadia Neophytou ran around London to see famous sights from the first film.

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