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  • Woman Runs Marathon And Doesn't Talk About It

    By Team WR   October 26 2015

    There is actual video footage of a woman who ran a marathon and didn't post, tweet, 'gram or brag about it.arrow

  • Runners Spoof Taylor Swift's "Welcome To NY"

    By Team WR   October 26 2015

    This will be your new running anthem.arrow

  • Here Are Some Pretty Humbling Words From Cover Runner Sarah

    By Steve Godwin   October 21 2015

    During our October cover shoot in San Diego, Sarah Attar not only had a perfect, professional stride—she also some pretty profound things arrow

  • Hidden Cameras Follow The Fans Of Four Unknowing Runners

    By Team WR   September 30 2015

    Surprise! You have some biggest fans at your race that you never knew about.arrow

  • Short Film Is An Ode To The Last Runner Across The Line

    By Team WR   September 25 2015

    At the end of this, you will be a runner. arrow

  • Video Shows Gleeful Finish Line Of An Overnight Race

    By Steve Godwin   September 24 2015

    In episode 3 of "Israel On Foot," Women's Running learns about the growing popularity of running among women in Israel.arrow

  • Behind The Scenes Of An Overnight Relay Race Through Israel

    By Steve Godwin   September 9 2015

    Get in touch with some of the runners who ran all day and night through the heart of the Holy Land. arrow

  • What It’s Like To Run Through The Holy Land

    By Steve Godwin   August 26 2015

    "Israel On Foot" episode 1 marks the beginning of Team WR's on-foot journey through Jerusalem. arrow

  • If You Wrote A Song About Running…

    By Team WR   August 24 2015

    "We've got 1K left now."arrow

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