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  • Video Shows Rock 'n' Roll Medal Creation

    By Team WR   September 23 2016

    Ever wonder how those medals of your favorite races just come about? One video shows the sketch, art, time, hands and final product.arrow

  • Reporter Runs Through A Tour of Bridget Jones' Diary

    By Team WR   September 20 2016

    Before interviewing the cast of Bridget Jones's Baby, Nadia Neophytou ran around London to see famous sights from the first film.arrow

  • Meet Project Start's Kelly Roberts!

    By Melinda Parrish   September 20 2016

    She is inspiring everyone to run without a shirt because everyone's body is worth celebrating! arrow

  • Project Start Tells 5 Runners' Stories

    By Melinda Parrish   September 15 2016

    Watch the introduction video on what it is, why it matters and why we start from the beginning. arrow

  • Project Start Is Coming And It's Epic

    By Melinda Parrish   September 13 2016

    Follow the stories of five incredible ladies that all run, and all want you to just start running too.arrow

  • Entertainment Reporter Is Interviewing People While Running

    By Team WR   September 1 2016

    Nadia talks to top celebs during awards season, but she's spending the off-season running around NYC talking to, well, runners. arrow

  • Activate Your Obliques With One Core Move

    By Heather Wilson-Phillips   August 31 2016

    Squeeze the sides of your abs with this dynamic move, that will also give you a good full body stretch.arrow

  • Iron Nun Is Everyone's Favorite Star

    By Team WR   August 29 2016

    NBD—she's only done 45 Ironmans. arrow

  • VIDEO: Add Weights To Your Jump Squat For Extra Resistance

    By Heather Wilson-Phillips   August 10 2016

    This is a plyometric move than anyone can do, whether you're an athlete or not.arrow

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