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  • Travel Spotlight: Run the Coast of Spain

    By Allison Pattillo   December 3 2013

    Discover the route less traveled on Spain’s Costa Brava Way Trail.arrow

  • Rave Races: Oktoberfest Marathon

    By Jessica Sebor   November 29 2013

    Give your legs and your drinking arm a workout at this Michigan marathon.arrow

  • What’s it Really Like to Run a Relay Race?

    By Jennifer Chesak   November 5 2013

    One endurance relay racer shares her stories from the road…arrow

  • Run Las Vegas: 6 Must-See Nevada Routes!

    By Susan Lacke   October 30 2013

    Believe it or not, Sin City is a runner's paradise. Check out the best Las Vegas trails with these six routes! arrow

  • Race Spotlight: Mont Tremblant Half Marathon

    By Kara Deschenes   October 25 2013

    If a charming old-world village nestled in the mountains sounds like a slice of heaven—you’ll fall in love with this Canadian race.arrow

  • Rave Races: 4 Obstacle Runs You Must Try!

    By Kara Deschenes   October 17 2013

    Ready for a challenge that goes beyond a regular run? Check out these obstacle races full of mud-loving fun!arrow

  • How To Prevent Blood Clots After Destination Races

    By Jenny Hadfield   October 10 2013

    It's true - flying right after a marathon does increase the risk of developing blood clots. Take these precautions to stay clot-free today!arrow

  • Race Spotlight: Loonies Midnight Marathon

    By Jessica Sebor   October 1 2013

    Run wild through the streets at midnight at this nutty race in Middle Tennessee.arrow

  • Race Spotlight: San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

    By Jessica Sebor   August 27 2013

    Lace up your dancing shoes and get ready to rock at this music-themed marathon.arrow

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