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  • 10 Basics Of Becoming A Stronger Runner

    By Jennifer Bonn

    Runners set goals to become better in the sport and improve themselves. Although one of the first goals that many runners make is to be

  • A Runner’s Guide To Going Camping While Training

    By Fara Rosenzweig

    Getting off the beaten path and disconnecting can do wonders for your running.

  • 8 Things That Play A Role In Getting Faster

    By Jennifer Bonn

    If you want to become faster you have to work for it.

  • 10 Ways To Cool Off After A Hot Run

    By Alison Barsalona

    Summer running—and summer heat—is in full swing.

  • A Runner’s Q: Okay To Use Coffee Restrooms While On

    By Lizzie Post

    We've all been there: You're in the middle of a long run and need to use the bathroom when you see a coffee shop.

  • 3 Ways To Get Faster That Don’t Involve Running

    By Bethany Rutledge, M.A.

    On your rest days, these 3 things can help you increase your speed.

  • VIDEO: Try This Plank Jack Combo Exercise Move

    By Heather Wilson-Phillips

    Plank jacks, meet reverse leg raise.

  • The Right Way To Approach Your Stride Length

    By Ashley Lauretta

    A lot of runners keep their feet on the ground too long and it all comes down to your stride.

  • VIDEO: Add A Front Kick To Your Burpee To Change Up The Move

    By Heather Wilson-Phillips

    We all have a love-hate relationship with the burpee. Now, you can change up the move with this simple—yet challenging—twist.

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