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  • How To Get The Most Out Of Your Fitness App

    By Ashley Lauretta   March 21 2016

    You downloaded the app to get moving—but it doesn't necessarily come with accountability. Here's how to get started. arrow

  • What Barefoot Beach Running Does For You

    By Kathleen Woods   March 17 2016

      As if being on the beach isn’t beautiful enough, running barefoot on it can have promising results for your training. Not only arrow

  • 7 Expert Tips For Your Next Destination Race

    By As told to Kara Descenes   March 16 2016

    After finishing a half marathon on every continent, this runner shares her best advice for running overseas.arrow

  • Here’s Why An Angry Mood Can Yield An Awesome Run

    By Taylor Strekel   March 15 2016

    Why do those emotional runs seem to give way to an instant runner's high? arrow

  • Why Hill Repeats Make You a Better Runner

    By Mackenzie Lobby Havey   March 14 2016

    While hill repeats have always been a mainstay for runners, new research shows how important they are.arrow

  • How To Handle That Overbearing, Micromanaging Running Buddy

    By Lizzie Post   March 14 2016

    Etiquette expert and runner Lizzie Post knows the rules of the road, including how to deal with running buddies.arrow

  • 6 Tricks To Stay Motivated While Training For A Race

    By Christine Hinton   March 10 2016

    What usually starts with a bang can sometimes fizzle a bit as the training progresses. Don't let that happen to you.arrow

  • Try These 2 Training Tricks Before Running With Your Dog

    By Fara Rosenzweig   March 10 2016

    If you want to cover a few miles with your pup, learn these crucial habits first.arrow

  • Here Are 5 Mistakes Every Runner Should Make

    By Alison Barsalona   March 10 2016

    If you make these errors, recognize them as a runner's rites of passage and learn your lesson.arrow

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