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  • Ways That Runners Can ‘Survive’ Rest Days

    By Amy Stone

    Rest days can take some willpower.

  • 4 Fitness Tips For Runners With Busy Travel Schedules

    By Brad Prigge

    Traveling can leave you little time for exercise—unless you get creative.

  • How To Safely Play Pokémon GO On The Run

    By Bethany Rutledge

    How can you maximize your time on the run with catching them all?

  • Try This Fresh Approach To Half Marathon Training

    By Meghan Takacs

    The first step: Not running so much! It sounds crazy, but it works.

  • Running Mechanics Do Matter—Here’s Why

    By Laurie Wisotsky

    A masters runner for New Balance explains what body mechanics are and why you should pay attention to your form.

  • Expert Training Advice For Beginner Runners Over 40

    By Terri Rejimbal

    This masters runner had no idea where she was headed in the sport when she first started and shares everything she wish she had known.

  • Slower Runners Live Longer—Here’s Why

    By Caitlyn Pilkington

    Because if you run slow, who cares? Apparently your lifespan does.

  • Try This Interval Workout When Training For Your Next 10K

    By Mario Fraioli

    This challenging speed workout helps build fitness and boost confidence leading up to your goal race.

  • 5 Safety Rules That Every Runner Should Follow

    By Cari Setzler

    Even if you are have been running for years, it is always beneficial to brush up on safety tips.

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