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  • Is Your GPS Watch Lying To You On Race Day?

    By Jason Devaney   July 14 2014

    A course certifier explains how race distances are measured.arrow

  • 5 Ways to be a Better Running Buddy

    By Rachel Stark   July 14 2014

    Want to be the best running partner ever? Follow these 5 simple rules.arrow

  • The Differences between You and Your Running Buddy

    By Rachel Stark   July 9 2014

    Instead of comparing yourself to your running bud, find out what makes you unique runners!arrow

  • Run, Mom, Run!

    By Claire Trageser   July 8 2014

    Tips to help new mothers jump back into their running routine!arrow

  • 10K Trail Race Training Plan

    By Matt Fitzgerald   July 7 2014

    Kick rocks (and kick butt!) at a 10K trail race with our 8-week plan.arrow

  • How Much Confidence Do I Need?

    By Kelly Dunleavy O’Mara   July 3 2014

    Don't be too negative or too arrogant. Find just the right amount of confidence in your running.arrow

  • Park It, Sister!

    By Rachel Cosgrove   June 26 2014

    Take your gym workout outside with these body weight strength exercises.arrow

  • The Beginner’s Guide to Running

    By Women's Running   June 23 2014

    Have you picked up a copy of our Beginner's Guide to Running yet?arrow

  • 6 Reasons to Love Summer Running

    By Kristan Dietz   June 20 2014

    Web Editor Kristan Dietz loves running in the summer. She shares six reasons why.arrow

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