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  • 7 Fitness Videos To Get You Cross-Training

    By Elisa Hoffman and Nicki Miller   February 24 2015

    Check out these workout videos that can be completed in the comfort of your own home.arrow

  • Ask The Coach: Compression Socks and Track Workouts

    By Hillary Kigar   February 24 2015

    Do compression socks work? What to expect during a track workout? Our coach answers!arrow

  • 4 Ways to Start Burning Fat Right Now

    By Lizzie Fuhr for POPSUGAR Fitness   February 24 2015

    These 4 tips can lead to a healthier you!arrow

  • Mastering the Pullup in 4 Steps

    By Marni Sumbal   February 23 2015

    Look like a badass in the gym when you perfect your pullup!arrow

  • Mastering the Plank in 3 Steps

    By Marni Sumbal   February 19 2015

    Perfect your plank in just three steps. You'll be stronger than ever!arrow

  • Medicine-Ball Moves For an Even Better Workout

    By Lizzie Fuhr for POPSUGAR Fitness   February 18 2015

    These medicine ball moves will make you stronger.arrow

  • Mastering The Push Up In 4 Steps

    By Marni Sumbal   February 17 2015

    Want to perfect your pushup? We’ve got the plan to help you master this strengthening exercise.arrow

  • How Much Caffeine Is In Your Race Fuel?

    By Mackenzie Lobby Havey   February 12 2015

    How much caffeine is in the gels, bars, drinks, and chews you take on race day?arrow

  • Pick A Running Goal— And Stick With It!

    By Susan Lacke   February 11 2015

    What running goals should you aim for? Just follow the arrows to find out!arrow

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