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  • WRS Nashville Half: Three Weeks To Go!

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   September 3 2014

    With three weeks to go, Caitlyn shares why she's excited to run the streets of Nashville. arrow

  • 6 Tips to Make Running in the Heat (Much!) Easier

    By Katie Mackey   September 3 2014

    Brooks elite athlete and 1500-meter runner, Katie Mackey, shares her pro tips for keeping cool.arrow

  • 6 Ways to Run Your Best While Traveling

    By Angela Bizarri   August 28 2014

    Brooks elite runner, Angela Bizarri gives her pro tips for running fast while on the road.arrow

  • Get Ready to Run with these 5 Dynamic Warm-Up Moves

    By Nicki Miller   August 28 2014

    Work your kinks out before every run with this fast and easy warm-up.arrow

  • The 10 Commandments of Training for a Race

    By Jenny Hadfield   August 27 2014

    These tips will take you through the finish line with a smile on your face! arrow

  • WRS Nashville Half: One Month To Go!

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   August 27 2014

    Associate Editor Caitlyn Pilkington is sharing her journey to the starting line of the WRS Half in Nashville!arrow

  • Ask A Coach: Running for Weight Loss

    By Hillary Kigar   August 25 2014

    Coach Hillary Kigar distinguishes running to burning fat versus gaining fitness. arrow

  • Why You May Want to Ditch Your Running Buddy

    By Aemilia Madden for POPSUGAR Fitness   August 20 2014

    Running friends are great, but sometimes you just need to hit the road solo.arrow

  • Couch to Half Marathon Training Plan

    By Jenny Hadfield   August 19 2014

    We’ve got a plan for 13.1 that will carry you from the sofa to the start line—and across the finish too! arrow

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