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  • Keep on Running! Tips to Fine-Tune Your Form

    By Jenny Sugar for POPSUGAR Fitness   November 19 2014

    These tips will keep you running tall and injury-free!arrow

  • Video: Defending Yourself From Someone Grabbing You

    By Team WR   November 18 2014

    Protect yourself on the run with these moves.arrow

  • When Should You Change Your Training Plan?

    By Dani Sturtz   November 18 2014

    Sometimes you have to try a new training plan to keep getting faster.arrow

  • Should Runners Wear High Heels?

    By Team WR   November 13 2014

    The short answer: yes. But definitely not while running.arrow

  • Short On Time? Become A Better Runner With These Quick

    By Matt Fitzgerald   November 12 2014

    Have a little buffer zone at the end of your workout? Get speedier using those extra seconds more effectively.arrow

  • Obstacle Race Training Plan

    By Matt Fitzgerald   November 10 2014

    Our training plans will prepare you properly for non-traditional races. arrow

  • 8 Tips for Running Safely At Night

    By Emily Polachek   November 6 2014

    If you run in the dark, here are a few rules to follow. arrow

  • 5 Essential Before and After Workout Stretches

    By Marni Sumbal    November 4 2014

    Give your loosey-goosey routine a makeover with stretches that help your muscles recover like champs.arrow

  • How to Burn Extra Calories on Weekend Workouts

    By Jenny Sugar for POPSUGAR Fitness   October 29 2014

    The weekend means more time to devote to your sweat sessions!arrow

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