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  • 12 Tips To Get Out Of A Running Rut

    By Ashley Jones, RatherBeRunnin   January 7 2016

    Find your motivation to lace up and get out there.arrow

  • 8 Ways to Make 2016 Your Best Year of Training

    By Mario Fraioli   January 4 2016

    Achieve this year’s race goals with these simple tips to get you started.arrow

  • Should You Offer Race Day Advice To A Runner?

    By Lizzie Post   January 4 2016

    Find out whether you should share knowledge with beginners at the starting line.arrow

  • How To Dress For A Run When It’s Really Cold

    By Jessica Sebor   January 4 2016

    Run happily in frigid weather with this foolproof guide to winter layering. arrow

  • How To Pick The Best Races To Run In 2016

    By Team WR   December 30 2015

    Our readers told us what is important to them when picking a race.arrow

  • 7 Mistakes And 1 Good Samaritan And Lesson

    By Fara Rosenzweig   December 29 2015

    Why you should always stick to the basics on race weekend and never try to outsmart yourself.arrow

  • Get A Great Workout In Only 20 Minutes

    By Kimberly S. Clay, PhD, MPH, MSW   December 29 2015

    HIIT the treadmill for a short but effective workout.arrow

  • Should You Run Before You Lift?

    By Michael de Medeiros   December 29 2015

    Let's cut through the myths and misconceptions and give you the answers you need to build your best body!arrow

  • Improve Your Speed with High Knees

    By Mario Fraioli   December 28 2015

    This is the essential pre-run drill.arrow

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