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  • How Beginner Runners Can Boost Endurance

    By Jason Fitzgerald   October 5 2015

    Learn to run faster and longer with these two training strategies.arrow

  • Consider Getting One Of These If You Run With Your Dog

    By Ashley Lauretta   October 1 2015

    If you run for a dog, it may be worthwhile to get your pooch a fitness tracker of their own.arrow

  • The Way To Prep For A Race That Involves Running And Eating

    By Ashley Lauretta   October 1 2015

    How do you prepare for a race where food is the main attraction?arrow

  • Learn The Where, Why And How Of Trail Running

    By Lisa Jhung   September 30 2015

    If you have been thinking about getting into trail running, we have the where, why and how.arrow

  • 4 Reasons You Need To Take A Break From Running

    By Alison Barsalona   September 29 2015

    Yes, there are other reasons to take a tiny little break from your love of the sport besides being injured.arrow

  • Ask A Coach: Easing Back Into Running After Injury

    By Hillary Kigar   September 28 2015

    What is the best way to get back into running after an injury?arrow

  • 8-Week Intermediate Half Marathon Training Plan

    By Matt Fitzgerald   September 25 2015

    We'll get you into half marathon shape in 2 months.arrow

  • Run A Half In 4 Weeks With Our Intermediate Training Plan

    By Matt Fitzgerald   September 22 2015

    If you can run 6 miles, you can finish a half marathon!arrow

  • The Top 6 Reasons Why Beginners Quit (And Why You

    By Mike Shomaker   September 22 2015

    Don't let these things keep stop you from running!arrow

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