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  • Boston Marathon Race-Week Tapering Tips

    By Mario Fraioli   April 13 2015

    Use these five simple strategies to make your Boston Marathon race-week experience less nerve-racking.arrow

  • Racing Versus Holding Back In Group Runs

    By Alan Culpepper   April 10 2015

    Run like a champion with Olympian Alan Culpepper's new book. arrow

  • Race-Day Tips To Make It From Start To Finish!

    By Christine Hinton   April 10 2015

    Here are some simple tips to get from the start line to the finish line.arrow

  • Running In Your Sixties and Beyond

    By Nicki Miller, Caitlyn Pilkington, & Jessie Sebor   April 9 2015

    Find out why running in your sixties and beyond is so great for health and happiness.arrow

  • Yes, Walking Is a Good Workout — Here Are 4 Reasons Why

    By Leta Shy for POPSUGAR Fitness   April 9 2015

    Here are some more benefits of walking that you can look forward to!arrow

  • Increase Flexibility And Strength With 5 PiYo Moves

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   April 9 2015

    Add a spicy twist to your cross-training routine! This Pilates-meets-yoga workout will make you stretch and sweat.arrow

  • Running In Your Fifties

    By Nicki Miller, Caitlyn Pilkington, Jessie Sebor   April 6 2015

    Find out why running in your 50's just gets better with age.arrow

  • 5 Rules To Stay Safe During Night Runs

    By Allison Pattillo   April 3 2015

    Stay safe with our five rules of night running.arrow

  • 4 Strategies for Dealing With Race Day Anxiety

    By Yuki Hayashi   April 3 2015

    Here’s how to stay calm when pre-race nerves threaten to derail your day.arrow

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