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  • An Olympian's Training Schedule

    By Fara Rosenzweig

    Barbara Nwaba isn't just doing one event; she's stringing seven together to hopefully win gold in the heptathlon. Here's a week in the life.

  • 10-Week Training Program To Boost Your Speed

    By Eric Orton

    It's time to find your fastest self!

  • Want To Swim Like An Olympian? Here’s How.

    By Nicki Miller

    With fins and hand paddles and some other "toys" for the pool one runner has been able to channel her inner Olympian.

  • The 10 Rules Of Proper Marathon Fueling

    By Tara Martine, MS, RD, LDN

    When it comes to longer races, how you fuel your body is crucial.

  • What A Spartan Workout Looks Like

    By Joe De Sena

    Excerpt used with permission of Spartan Fit! Spartan Fit! by Joe De Sena, the creator of the uber-popular Spartan Race series, is bringing

  • Become A Runner In 4 Weeks With This Training Plan

    By Cari Setzler

    Follow this plan, and in less than 30 days, you’ll be able to run 30 minutes.

  • How To Train By Pace Zones—But What Does That Mean?

    By Bethany Rutledge

    Check out these simple explanations of when to use which and how they should intersect.

  • When Your Friend Says She’ll Join You For ‘Slow

    By Ashley Lauretta

    One runner's sprint can be another runner's jog.

  • Ways That Runners Can ‘Survive’ Rest Days

    By Amy Stone

    Rest days can take some willpower.

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