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  • The Broke Girl’s Guide to Exercising

    By Marina Liao   July 2 2015

    Read on to see all the creative ways you can stay fit while maintaining the budget you have set for yourself. arrow

  • 4 Secrets To A Successful Lunch Workout

    By Alison Barsalona   July 1 2015

    Whether you need a break from sitting at your desk all day or want to free up your evening for happy hour, exercising during your lunch arrow

  • Does Running Hurt? Here Are Cures For Common Pains

    By Deb Dellapena   June 30 2015

    Running shouldn't have to hurt. Here are ways you can stride on happily. arrow

  • How Often Should You Run?

    By Matt Fitzgerald   June 29 2015

    How often should you run is one of the most important questions to consider before you start any training.arrow

  • 4 More Running Lies—And The Real Truth

    By Susan Lacke   June 29 2015

    There are lots of commonly accepted beliefs about running—many of which are pure hokum.arrow

  • The Simple Technique That Will Help You Run Longer

    By Heather Dale   June 25 2015

    How you regulate your breath during your running session also affects your energy levels.arrow

  • 5 Great Tips For Parents Who Both Run

    By Allison Pattillo   June 25 2015

    Even with two demanding parent and run schedules under one roof, it's possible to establish sanity and balance. arrow

  • Zero to 5K to Half Marathon Plan

    By Christine Hinton   June 22 2015

    We’ll take you from the couch to finishing a 5K in less than two months—and a half marathon in just 14 weeks. arrow

  • Should You Take A Rest Day?

    By Hillary Kigar   June 22 2015

    Answers to your questions on rest days, numb toes, and a beginner training plan.arrow

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