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  • Should You Run Two Races On The Same Weekend?

    By Hillary Kigar   September 15 2015

    A 5K and a marathon on the same weekend—is that really a good idea?arrow

  • 3 Ways To Run With More Confidence

    By Yuki Hayashi   September 14 2015

    Just a few simple tips on how you can be a happier and stronger runner.arrow

  • The 6 Worst Types Of People To Run By

    By Beth Risdon   September 11 2015

    You know which ones we mean.arrow

  • Build Your Training Plan Like A Professional Coach

    By Ashley Lauretta   September 11 2015

    Here are three key things to consider when building your own training plan.arrow

  • The One Thing You Should Carry On Every Run

    By Hillary Kiagr   September 11 2015

    Do you have this essential item?arrow

  • Run A Half Marathon In 4 Weeks With Our Beginner Plan

    By Matt Fitzgerald   September 10 2015

    When your 13.1 race is a month away—but you haven’t exactly been “training”—this plan is perfect.arrow

  • How to Have the Best Evening Workout Ever

    By Lizzie Fuhr   September 10 2015

    Remember these tips to make sure you stick to your late-night workouts.arrow

  • Wake Up Early: How You Can Do It

    By Lindsay Kunkel   September 8 2015

    It's not easy but you can adjust to morning workouts with these tips.arrow

  • How To Successfully Organize Your Own Running Group

    By Ashley Lauretta   September 8 2015

    If the ones around you just aren't cutting it, start your own little gathering of runners!arrow

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