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Training Tips » Page 3

  • How To Solve That Slanted Road Issue That Hurts

    By Hillary Kigar

    The surface of the road isn't always flat, so here's what you should pay attention to when you're training for races on it.

  • What Is Bullet Journaling?

    By Allie Burdick

    You may have heard of the bullet journal, but what exactly is it? A runner tried it out and breaks down just how to do it.

  • Is It Okay To Use A School’s Track For Workouts?

    By Lizzie Post

    You have a track workout on your training plan—is it okay to head to the track at a school in your neighborhood? An expert answers.

  • 6 Tips For Cold Weather Stroller Running

    By Alison Barsalona

    As the weather cools, stroller running becomes a bit more complicated. Here are some tips to keep everyone warm and happy on the run.

  • How To Chill Out When Running On The Trails

    By Hillary Kigar

    Want to hit the trails but worried about tripping and falling? Our resident coach shares how to be more confident and enjoy the adventure.

  • Longest Run For Marathon Training

    By Amanda Loudin

    In the thick of marathon training and wondering how far your longest run should be? This piece takes a look at different training plans.

  • How To Pick Up The Pace And Transition To Trail Racing


    If you've been running on the trails for fun and have some experience under your belt, here is how to make the jump and start trail racing.

  • Your Training Plan For A Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk

    By Kara Deschenes with Nicki Miller

    Even runners need a bit of transition time to go to a 3-day walk, which can total 60 miles. Here's the training plan to use.

  • Don't Be Afraid Of Not Being 'Outdoorsy'


    You don't have to be 'outdoorsy' to hit the trails. Here are four ways to become comfortable in the great outdoors for a new adventure.

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