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  • Why Yoga Is The Yin To This Runner’s Yang

    By Paria Hassouri   May 6 2016

    Runners can get a lot of unexpected benefits by adding yoga into their routine.arrow

  • 10 Reasons I Ran A Marathon Postpartum

    By Rachel Spurrier   May 6 2016

    One mother runner learned a lot while training for and running a marathon at just 5 months postpartum.arrow

  • 4 Tips for New Moms And Runners

    By Alison Barsalona   May 5 2016

    You may not realize it, but the very same advice that guides new moms is just as helpful to new runners.arrow

  • 5 Ways To Beat The Hot, Hot Heat On The Run

    By Kathleen Woods   May 5 2016

    You don't have to let toasty temperatures and the approaching summer hinder your training.arrow

  • The 10 Most Important Things For Beginner Runners To Know

    By Hal Higdon   May 4 2016

    Running can be intimidating when you are first starting out. arrow

  • She Won Unexpectedly—And She's Also A Mom

    By Jessica Sebor   May 2 2016

    Jeannie Rutherford never expected to win Red Bull's Wings for Life--but she credits her success with these stay-fit tricks for moms.arrow

  • 5 Tips On How To Love Your Body Through Running

    By Melinda Parrish   April 28 2016

    Step one: Don't run to lose weight. arrow

  • 10 Tips To Stay Motivated After Your Big Race Is Over

    By Chris Taylor   April 26 2016

    There are creative ways to keep the motivation running after the finish line. arrow

  • 5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Focus During Training

    By Ashley Lauretta   April 26 2016

    The day-to-day of training for a race can wear you down, but it is important to stay focused on your goal.arrow

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