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  • 3 Running Myths I Wish I Never Fell For

    By Alison Barsalona   August 16 2016

    There is so much information out there for new runners it is sometimes hard to distinguish fact from fiction.arrow

  • Best Tips For Hot Races

    By Team WR   August 15 2016

    The medical staff at our favorite race series is offering their best tips based on experience. arrow

  • Everything You Need To Know About Heart-Rate Training

    By Allison Pattillo   August 10 2016

    We break down the basics of how to run based on heart rate.arrow

  • VIDEO: Add Weights To Your Jump Squat For Extra Resistance

    By Heather Wilson-Phillips   August 10 2016

    This is a plyometric move than anyone can do, whether you're an athlete or not.arrow

  • An Olympian's Training Schedule

    By Fara Rosenzweig   August 9 2016

    Barbara Nwaba isn't just doing one event; she's stringing seven together to hopefully win gold in the heptathlon. Here's a week in the life.arrow

  • 10-Week Training Program To Boost Your Speed

    By Eric Orton   August 9 2016

    It's time to find your fastest self!arrow

  • Want To Swim Like An Olympian? Here’s How.

    By Nicki Miller   August 8 2016

    With fins and hand paddles and some other "toys" for the pool one runner has been able to channel her inner Olympian.arrow

  • The 10 Rules Of Proper Marathon Fueling

    By Tara Martine, MS, RD, LDN   August 5 2016

    When it comes to longer races, how you fuel your body is crucial.arrow

  • What A Spartan Workout Looks Like

    By Joe De Sena   July 29 2016

    Excerpt used with permission of Spartan Fit! Spartan Fit! by Joe De Sena, the creator of the uber-popular Spartan Race series, is bringing arrow

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