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  • What Should You Do The Week After A Marathon?

    By LAURA SCADUTO   November 26 2015

    What you shouldn't be doing? Running.arrow

  • A Coach Shares The Best Way To Prepare For Your Next Race

    By HILLARY KIGAR    November 25 2015

    Running the course or in similar conditions will help your body prepare for what's to come.arrow

  • Why One Runner Fixed Her Dreaded “Heel Strike”

    By Kristin Lassen   November 25 2015

    One injury-prone runner set out to discover what she was doing wrong. The answer surprised her.arrow

  • Learn To Love The Track With This Speed Workout

    By Ashley Lauretta   November 20 2015

    If you're over the oval, try this workout to get your love back for the track.arrow

  • Why You Should Exercise Outdoors in the Winter

    By Leta Shy   November 19 2015

    Embrace the cold weather this winter and take your workout outdoors.arrow

  • Two Treadmill Workouts To Break Up The Winter Blues

    By David Siik   November 17 2015

    With the holidays approaching and Jack Frost nipping at your runner toes, this is the greatest time of the year to find the most efficient arrow

  • Read This Before Adding Two-A-Days To Your Schedule

    By Hillary Kigar   November 16 2015

    There's a right and wrong way to do two runs in one day.arrow

  • Increase Running Speed And Power Without Adding Extra Miles

    By Fara Rosenzweig   November 12 2015

    Piling on the miles isn't the key to getting faster on the run. arrow

  • 6 Training Mistakes That Lead To Weight Gain

    By JESSICA MIGALA   November 5 2015

    Avoid unnecessary weight gain by watching out for these six mistakes runners often make.arrow

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