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Training Tips

  • Ways To Keep Marathon Training Fresh

    By Nat Runs Far

    Worried about monotony? Don't be.

  • 12-Week Plan To Your First Sprint Tri

    By Meredith Atwood

    Train for a sprint-distance (aka short!) triathlon with this 12-week swimming, cycling and running plan.

  • 5 Mental Race Strategies To Master

    By Kelly O’Mara

    Not all of these strategies will work for every runner, but one of these tools could be what gets you to the finish faster.

  • Here’s Our Tip Of The Month

    By Hillary Kigar

    So you want to step up your game during your next training season? Here's why you may benefit from having a running coach online.

  • Solid Advice For The Time-Crunched Runner

    By Allie Burdick

    We got tips from mother runners, sub-elites and pros to find out how they balance family-life, work and training every day.

  • Coach's Tips To Improve Marathon Time

    By Hillary Kigar

    Want to run a faster marathon? Our resident coach shares what you should do during your next training cycle to get there.

  • That Friend Who Posts Everything On Social Media

    By Lizzie Post

    So you have a friend who posts too much on social media and asks if you've seen every one? Here's how to handle the situation.

  • When Your Friend Micromanages Your Training

    By Lizzie Post

    Do you have a friend who tries to micromanage your workouts after you share them online? Here's the right way to handle the situation.

  • Gasp—You Want To Train For A Race And Not Post On Social

    By Lizzie Post

    So you want to run a half marathon...but don't want anyone to know. How should you handle your training and racing experience?

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