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  • How To Navigate NYC Marathon Expo

    By Charlie Watson

    A veteran of the New York City Marathon has put together six expert pieces of advice that will help you navigate the expo like a pro.

  • 6 Ways To Slay Your Active Vacation

    By Charlie Watson

    Sometimes, getting moving on vacation can be just as fulfilling as relaxing by the pool. Here's how to plan your next active vacation.

  • 8 Things To Know About The UK

    By Charlie Watson

    The Runner Beans has run both in the U.S. and her home in London. She shares 8 things Americans may find peculiar about running in the UK.

  • 7 European Race Recommendations For Americans, From A

    By Charlie Watson

    Destination races are the perfect way to explore a new place—and The Runner Beans has your guide to must-do races in Europe.

  • A Peek At New New Balance Gear

    By Charlie Watson

    One running is representing the New Balance #Iamthecompetition campaign at the New York City Marathon with this amazing race kit.

  • 6 Things I Consider When Choosing A Running Coach

    By Charlie Watson

    The Runner Beans is looking for a new running coach, and these are the 6 factors she is keeping in mind during her search.

  • 6 Devastations Of Vacation Running

    By Charlie Watson

    When it comes to taking a break from the everyday grind, it doesn't mean you want a training break.

  • 7 Ways To Get Back To Running After A Hiatus

    By Charlie Watson

    No matter how long of a break you took, using these tips can get you running—and training—again.

  • Achieve More In The Mornings With These Tips

    By Charlie Watson

    Think you've tried everything to have a more productive morning? Think again!

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