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The Runner Beans

  • Should You Give Up Alcohol During Marathon Training?

    By Charlie Watson

    After missing a long run due to one too many drinks the night before, The Runner Beans decided to go dry until the Boston Marathon.

  • How To Run Boston Marathon Without A BQ

    By Charlie Watson

    A Boston Qualifier isn't the only way to get to the iconic start line.

  • 5 Lessons That Doing Yoga Taught Me About Running

    By Charlie Watson

    The Runner Beans reflects on the important lessons that time on the yoga mat has taught her about her sport of choice—running.

  • Don't Freak If You Didn't Meet Your Goals

    By Charlie Watson

    If you didn't reach all of your goals or resolutions for the year, here is why it is totally okay—and what you can do for next year.

  • 6 Benefits Of Having A Bedtime Routine For Runners

    By Charlie Watson

    Here are a few reasons that a bedtime routine will not only keep you rested for the day, but make your workouts that much better!

  • If You Travel For Races Frequently, Follow These 8 Recovery

    By Charlie Watson

    Recovering after a race can be tough enough at home, let alone while you're traveling. Here are some tried-and-true tips from one runner.

  • Rules To Using A Race For Training

    By Charlie Watson

    If you just can't get enough of racing, here are some tips to follow to include a few races seamlessly into your training schedule.

  • How To Navigate NYC Marathon Expo

    By Charlie Watson

    A veteran of the New York City Marathon has put together six expert pieces of advice that will help you navigate the expo like a pro.

  • 6 Ways To Slay Your Active Vacation

    By Charlie Watson

    Sometimes, getting moving on vacation can be just as fulfilling as relaxing by the pool. Here's how to plan your next active vacation.

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