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The Runner Beans

  • Perks Of Non-Traditional Race Distances

    By Charlie Watson

    Well these are kind of random.

  • I Ran Boston And London Six Days Apart

    By Charlie Watson

    After a grueling race in Boston, The Runner Beans geared up to pace her fiance in the London Marathon less than a week later.

  • “Runner Face” Is A Thing And Here’s How

    By Charlie Watson

    A studio in the UK has created a Runner Face "workout" to help rejuvenate skin and protect if from the damage it faces while we run.

  • What Is #WhatIfIRunWithYou?

    By Charlie Watson

    After discovering #WhatIfIRunWithYou, The Runner Beans was inspired to share her struggles with anxiety and how running helps.

  • 10 Running Podcasts To Entertain You During Long Runs

    By Charlie Watson

    Sometimes a solo long run can seem endless...except for when you have other runners in your ear providing you with inspiration.

  • 8 Reasons Barre Is Perfect Cross-Training

    By Charlie Watson

    There is so much more to gain from barre classes than just shaking muscles! Here's a look at why every runner should step up to the barre.

  • 4 Reasons Why The First Mile Is Always The Hardest

    By Charlie Watson

    The Runner Beans rounds up the reasons why the first mile can seem like it lasts an eternity as you convince yourself not to turn around.

  • Should You Give Up Alcohol During Marathon Training?

    By Charlie Watson

    After missing a long run due to one too many drinks the night before, The Runner Beans decided to go dry until the Boston Marathon.

  • How To Run Boston Marathon Without A BQ

    By Charlie Watson

    A Boston Qualifier isn't the only way to get to the iconic start line.

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