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  • T-Rex Runner: The Work/Run Balance

    By T-Rex Runner   March 20 2015

    When work and life get in the way of running, sometimes compromises must be made.arrow

  • T-Rex Runner: Fueling the Fire

    By T-Rex Runner   March 12 2015

    Sometimes running isn't about chasing your fastest times. It's about fueling your fire for life.arrow

  • T-Rex Runner: Surprise, it’s Spring!

    By T-Rex Runner   March 5 2015

    While the north may be cold, it's heating up down south! Here's how to get used to spring.arrow

  • T-Rex Runner: I Had No Idea

    By T-Rex Runner   February 26 2015

    It's National Eating Disorder Association's Awareness Week. Do you know the symptoms of disordered eating?arrow

  • Marathon Maniac: Back on Her Feet

    By T-Rex Runner   February 26 2015

    Our Marathon Maniac toed the line of her first 26.2-miler following back surgery, nerves and all.arrow

  • T-Rex Runner: Get Your Runch On

    By T-Rex Runner   February 19 2015

    8 ways to make a lunchtime run work, even if you have a full time job.arrow

  • T-Rex Runner: A Love Letter to Running

    By T-Rex Runner   February 12 2015

    Danielle shares why she and running are sole mates.arrow

  • T-Rex Runner: Why I Don’t Schedule Rest Days

    By T-Rex Runner   February 5 2015

    Do you schedule your rest days or let them occur naturally during your training?arrow

  • Tips for Planning a Destination Race

    By T-Rex Runner   January 22 2015

    Danielle shares 7 tips to help you make the most of a destination race.arrow

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