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  • Why You Need To Strength Train

    By T-Rex Runner   August 6 2015

    Our Marathon Maniac explains how she went from a weight-room phobic to a strength-training evangelist. arrow

  • This Is How You Can Slow Down On Your Recovery Runs

    By T-Rex Runner   July 28 2015

    Heart rate training may be the key to your easy days.arrow

  • The “Joys” Of Summer Running

    By T-Rex Runner   July 16 2015

    Love it or hate it, these are the things we all deal with during summer runs.arrow

  • In A Running Funk? Hit Reset On Your Training

    By T-Rex Runner   July 9 2015

    To cure a serious case of self-doubt, our Marathon Maniac goes back to the drawing board.arrow

  • Saying Goodbye To Old Running Friends And Hello To New Ones

    By T-Rex Runner   July 2 2015

    Don't be afraid to find a new running crew when moving to a new city.arrow

  • I May Never PR Again—And I'm Okay With It

    By T-Rex Runner   June 18 2015

    Danielle goes back to why she started running after returning from back surgery.arrow

  • Fighting Through Running Burnout

    By T-Rex Runner   June 9 2015

    Our Marathon Maniac learns a lesson in physiology and philosophy when she puts her trust in a new training plan.arrow

  • The Pet Peeves Of A Runner

    By T-Rex Runner   June 3 2015

    What are your pet peeves? Danielle shares a few things that irk every runner.arrow

  • Networking On The Run

    By T-Rex Runner   May 21 2015

    Running with your coworkers might sound crazy, but you never know what you could learn from it.arrow

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