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  • The Hatfield McCoy Marathon Is Gorgeous And Hits Two States

    By T-Rex Runner   July 7 2016

    This unique race take runners from Kentucky to West Virginia—two places at once, anyone?arrow

  • The 5 Best Things About Being A Newbie

    By T-Rex Runner   June 30 2016

    Being a beginner at anything can be scary—but here are just a few reasons that you should embrace your newbie status and own it!arrow

  • One Runner’s Mom Is Truly The Mother Of All Spectators

    By T-Rex Runner   June 24 2016

    Our Marathon Maniac looks back at some of her races and shares stories of her biggest cheerleader along the way.arrow

  • This Is Literally A Run In Paradise (The Actual Race Name)

    By T-Rex Runner   June 16 2016

    Our Marathon Maniac recently made the trek to Antigua for the Run in Paradise.arrow

  • 4 Things Every Race-Day Spectator Should Do

    By T-Rex Runner   June 10 2016

    When you're out on course spectating, your role in the race is more important than you think.arrow

  • 4 Ways To Keep Your Cool And Nail Your Fall PR

    By T-Rex Runner   June 2 2016

    Because summer running takes some getting used to. arrow

  • An Open Letter To Sweaty Women Runners

    By T-Rex Runner   May 19 2016

    If you look like you have run through a rain storm before you've even reached a half mile, fear not —this is for you.arrow

  • 5 Workouts To Help You Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

    By T-Rex Runner   May 5 2016

    If you love running with a side of Mexican food and margaritas, you are probably pumped for Cinco de Mayo.arrow

  • What It’s Like To Race In England As An American

    By T-Rex Runner   April 21 2016

    Racing in a foreign country is an experience like no other. arrow

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