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  • What Happens When You Experience Running Burnout?

    By T-Rex Runner   May 13 2015

    Our Marathon Maniac realizes that she can’t always keep up the pace.arrow

  • Hot Picks for Summer Running Gear

    By T-Rex Runner   May 8 2015

    This gear will keep you cool on the hottest of summer running days.arrow

  • The Little Lies I Tell Myself About Running

    By T-Rex Runner   April 30 2015

    Who doesn't bargain with themselves about running from time to time?arrow

  • To Run on Vacation – Or Not

    By T-Rex Runner   April 23 2015

    Running is a great way to see the sights in new places. But sometimes its fine to take a break and enjoy a vacation.arrow

  • How To Trust A New Training Plan

    By T-Rex Runner   April 16 2015

    Our Marathon Maniac learns a lesson in physiology and philosophy when she puts her trust in a new training plan.arrow

  • T-Rex Runner: Making Your Miles Count

    By T-Rex Runner   April 9 2015

    Here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking about raising money for a charity through race participation.arrow

  • T-Rex Runner: The Numbers Game

    By T-Rex Runner   April 3 2015

    In a sport dominated by numbers— mileage, days runs, PRs— what happens when you stop counting?arrow

  • T-Rex Runner: What to Know Before You Train for Your First

    By T-Rex Runner   March 25 2015

    Share these 8 training tips with any first time marathoner to let them know what to expect.arrow

  • T-Rex Runner: The Work/Run Balance

    By T-Rex Runner   March 20 2015

    When work and life get in the way of running, sometimes compromises must be made.arrow

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