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  • These Pre-Run Snacks Won’t Upset Your Stomach

    By T-Rex Runner   September 1 2016

    If you have a sensitive stomach, these 6 snacks are perfect for you.arrow

  • Sometimes It's Okay Not To Run

    By T-Rex Runner   August 18 2016

    On a recent trip, our Marathon Maniac had every intention of running while away from home. Instead, she found a million reasons to not run. arrow

  • Why I’m More Invested In The Olympics Than Ever Before

    By T-Rex Runner   August 15 2016

    Our Marathon Maniac contemplates what it’s really like to consistently aim for greatness.arrow

  • 6 Reasons Why I’ll Never Be An Olympic Distance Runner

    By T-Rex Runner   August 4 2016

    And its not due to underwhelming athletic ability.arrow

  • Do You Have A Runner’s Body? Here’s A Test.

    By T-Rex Runner   August 2 2016

    If you can believe it, our Marathon Maniac has been told she doesn’t. arrow

  • We Need To Address The Addictive Parts Of Running

    By T-Rex Runner   July 26 2016

    Our Marathon Maniac is living proof that running is a habit-forming drug.arrow

  • Thoughts All Runners Have During Tempo Runs

    By T-Rex Runner   July 21 2016

    Tempo runs—where you up your pace to 'comfortably hard' (two words that don't fit, right?)—are a necessary evil. arrow

  • The Hatfield McCoy Marathon Is Gorgeous And Hits Two States

    By T-Rex Runner   July 7 2016

    This unique race take runners from Kentucky to West Virginia—two places at once, anyone?arrow

  • The 5 Best Things About Being A Newbie

    By T-Rex Runner   June 30 2016

    Being a beginner at anything can be scary—but here are just a few reasons that you should embrace your newbie status and own it!arrow

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