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T-Rex Runner

  • Letter to My Summer Running Self

    By T-Rex Runner

    Instead of surrendering to the summer heat, try passing on the distance runs and use this opportunity to focus on your weak spots.

  • Running An International Marathon

    By T-Rex Runner

    Our blogger captures the experience of running through one of the most beautiful cities in the world and shares her travel tips.

  • Can You Chase A PR And Still Have Fun?

    By T-Rex Runner

    T-Rex Runner has a race coming up and as she plans her goals, she is wondering if running for time or for fun are mutually exclusive.

  • We Explored 7 Facts (Or Fiction?) Of Caffeine And Runners

    By T-Rex Runner

    Many runners rely on a little jolt to start their engines—but is that a good thing?

  • 5 Things To Do During Race Taper

    By T-Rex Runner

    Keep your head in the game and don't worry whether or not you're ready to race—just do these things to stay occupied (and injury-free).

  • I Accidentally Made A Race Day Mantra

    By T-Rex Runner

    After running over 50 marathons, our Marathon Maniac decided to work on her mental game and create her own race day mantra.

  • A Break From Marathons Reset My Brain

    By T-Rex Runner

    After running 50 marathons, our Marathon Maniac (understandably) needed a break. Here's what she learned from her time away.

  • Here’s How I Trained To Negative Split In My Last Race

    By T-Rex Runner

    If you've always dreamt of a negative split—finishing the second half of your race faster than the first—these tips can get you there.

  • What Running Would Tell You If It Could Speak

    By T-Rex Runner

    T-Rex Runner shares those words we have been longing to hear—the ones that running would love to tell us—if only it could.

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