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  • Why You Should Race For A Charity

    By T-Rex Runner   November 6 2015

    Our Marathon Maniac discovered the many benefits of running with a charity bib.arrow

  • Why You Want To Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

    By T-Rex Runner   November 5 2015

    Pushing yourself may be uncomfortable, but sometimes it is the best thing you can do.arrow

  • Why My Mom Is My Favorite Running Buddy

    By T-Rex Runner   October 21 2015

    One runner's beautiful tribute to her favorite running buddy—her mom.arrow

  • Why I Ditched My Garmin

    By T-Rex Runner   October 8 2015

    T-Rex Runner has ditched her Garmin for good to re-spark a love of running.arrow

  • How Trail Running Changed One Runner’s Perspective

    By T-Rex Runner   September 24 2015

    Our Marathon Maniac discovers that when it comes to trail running, she’s not exactly a natural—and maybe that’s a good thing.arrow

  • In Defense Of Running Solo

    By T-Rex Runner   September 17 2015

    Sometimes the best way to run is by yourself.arrow

  • Running Helped Me Battle My Eating Disorders

    By T-Rex Runner   September 10 2015

    Our Marathon Maniac opens up about her battle with eating disorders.arrow

  • A Love Letter To Fall Running

    By T-Rex Runner   September 3 2015

    We are all waiting for our favorite running season to finally arrive.arrow

  • 4 Unconventional Cross Training Options For Runners

    By T-Rex Runner   August 20 2015

    Get off the elliptical and try one of these other activities!arrow

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