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  • 5 Workouts To Help You Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

    By T-Rex Runner   May 5 2016

    If you love running with a side of Mexican food and margaritas, you are probably pumped for Cinco de Mayo.arrow

  • What It’s Like To Race In England As An American

    By T-Rex Runner   April 21 2016

    Racing in a foreign country is an experience like no other. arrow

  • How Running Connects People All Over The World

    By T-Rex Runner   April 7 2016

    One runner has traveled all over the world and the commonality she noticed? Other runners.arrow

  • That Feeling Of Great Accomplishment After Your First Half

    By T-Rex Runner   March 30 2016

    Our Marathon Maniac was once your average runner looking to sweat for emotional salvation until her first half.arrow

  • The 5 Stages Of Waking Up For Early Morning Runs

    By T-Rex Runner   March 24 2016

    Developing the habit of running in the morning looks a lot like the five stages of grief.arrow

  • 5 Strategies To Get Set For Spring Running

    By T-Rex Runner   March 10 2016

    With a little patience and some strategic planning, you’ll be ready to embrace the warmer weather.arrow

  • 5 Reasons Why Barre is Great for Runners

    By T-Rex Runner   February 25 2016

    This total body strength workout is the perfect complement to running.arrow

  • What I Think About When I Think About Running

    By T-Rex Runner   February 10 2016

    Danielle reflects on what she thinks about on the run–and what she finds gratitude in.arrow

  • The One Running Goal You Can Keep This Year

    By T-Rex Runner   February 2 2016

    Tired of breaking your goals and resolutions by February? Time to make them simpler. arrow

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