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Strength Training

  • Run And Strength Combo Workout

    By T-Rex Runner

    Why sacrifice your running on strength training days? With these three workouts, you can train your muscles and keep up with your running.

  • Short Stair Sprints And Their Benefits

    By Team WR

    These are great for building strength.

  • Plank Routine With Ball Squeeze

    By Race Pace Jess

    Add a challenge to your workout with this ball squeeze variation!

  • Do Pushups Like An Olympian

    By Alysia Montaño

    Be the pushup.

  • Two Short Workouts For Runners

    By Allie Burdick

    We have two high-intensity workouts that will burn calories and build strength—and fit in to even the busiest of runner schedules.

  • Alysia Montaño's Footwork Exercise

    By Alysia Montaño

    Alysia Montaño has to be quick on her feet, both as a track runner and a mother! Check out her quick footwork exercise that can be done on

  • 6 Moves To Wake Up Your Glutes And Hamstrings

    By Rachel Cosgrove

    If you’re prone to running injury, “gluteal amnesia” may be the cause. Here are a few moves to switch on those important muscles!

  • How To Try The Stability Ball Pike

    By Laura Scaduto

    Challenge your body by upping your core routine and add this simple move in a few times a week to improve your strength and balance.

  • At-Home Strength Workouts

    By Laura Scaduto

    Eliminate your excuses to strength train with these simple exercises that you can do in the living room—even in a small space!

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