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  • 5 Things Women’s Running Loved This Week

    By Team WR   October 23 2015

    Find out which five items had our staff buzzing this week. Hint: healthy soda made for mixed drinks?arrow

  • A Review Of Your Favorite Shoe: Mizuno Wave Inspire 12

    By Kristin Massen   October 22 2015

    One runner offers her feedback on one of Mizuno's latest upgrades to a popular model.arrow

  • Maternity Clothes You'll Be Jealous Of

    By Jessica Sebor   October 22 2015

    The adjustable system works for all three trimesters...and post-pregnancy too! arrow

  • The Game Changer For Every Runner Who Cross-Trains On A Bike

    By Nicki Miller   October 21 2015

    If you hit the trails on bike, this gear is a must.arrow

  • This Product Gives Runners Safety Claws Like X-Men

    By Team WR   October 21 2015

    A discreet device gives runners a superhero edge on their run.arrow

  • This Piece Of Gear Helps Banish Inner Thigh Chafing

    By Team WR   October 21 2015

    Perhaps more appealing for everyday wear, this interesting piece of gear is a different kind of solution for thigh drama.arrow

  • April Fool's Joke Turns Into Skirt For Incontinence

    By Allison Pattillo   October 19 2015

    "We are literally talking about crotches and finding ways to analyze and measure certain areas, areas that aren’t usually analyzed."arrow

  • This New GPS Watch Has 100 Hours Of Battery Life

    By Team WR   October 19 2015

    Which is great for when you get lost on that trail run for three days (just kidding).arrow

  • These Apparel Choices Are Interchangeable Between Workout

    By Ashley Lauretta   October 19 2015

    Looking for clothes that can be worn during your workout and beyond? We've got you covered.arrow

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