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Real Runners

  • Real Runners: Racing Barefoot

    By MariJean Sanders

    Coach Neal Butler's training methods focus on proper alignment to help runners like MariJean race to success.

  • Real Runners: Running For Recovery

    By Shelley Leone

    A real runner shares her story of how running inspired her to maintain sobriety and pursue a healthier, more active lifestyle.

  • Real Runners: She Survived Combat Wounds And Ran A Marathon

    By Micah Garbarino

    Mary Barnett ran four races in one week following a mortar blast at her camp in Iraq.

  • Real Runners: I Beat Medical Setbacks To Qualify For Boston

    By Cindy Henry

    How one runner dealt with two serious medical diagnoses before qualifying for Boston.

  • Real Runners: She’s Doing An Ironman For Her Mother

    By Elton Hayes

    A happenstance hospital find landed Kris Toomey training for a full Ironman.

  • Real Runners: My Daughter Beat A Rare Juvenile Disorder

    By Jon McLaughlin

    10-year-old Hannah faced a rare medical setback and ran right through it.

  • Real Runners: I Finally Discovered The Runner’s High

    By Alisha Perkins

    Alisha Perkins didn't believe in the runner's high until she discovered it herself.

  • Real Runners: I Regained My Life After Extreme Loss

    By Debra Milano

    Debra Milano bounced back from a family tragedy and re-discovered her love for running.

  • Real Runners: I Stopped Overeating And Started Running

    By Shelley Leone

    Shelley gave up overeating and re-discovered her passion for running.

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