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  • The Pros And Cons Of Running Both Big And Small Races

    By Chris Foster   August 29 2016

    Do you get more from running a small local race or a big city race?arrow

  • Helpful Tidbits To Take Into Half Marathon Race Day

    By Sandra Laflamme   August 24 2016

    After all of the time you spent training, it is important to make sure race day goes smoothly.arrow

  • 5 Races That Are Just One Big Party For Runners

    By As told to Kara Deschenes   August 3 2016

    Have a blast at your next race with these fun-filled events!arrow

  • How To Stay Calm Through Those Panic Attacks

    By Fara Rosenzweig   July 19 2016

    Keep calm and race on! arrow

  • Race Tips For Run/Walking To Your First Finish Line

    By Kara Deschenes   July 18 2016

    If you prefer the run/walk method, you can still race!arrow

  • How Often Should You Request Spectators?

    By Lizzie Post   July 12 2016

    A joy of racing is having the people you love cheer you on. But is there a limit to how many times you ask them to come spectate?arrow

  • Some Truths About Pacing Yourself During A Race

    By Jennifer Bonn   July 8 2016

    Pacing is one of those tricky elements of racing that you have to play with and individualize.arrow

  • 5 Races That Are Run/Walk Friendly

    By Kara Deschenes   July 7 2016

    We chatted with one run/walker to find out what her favorite races in the country are.arrow

  • How Do I Tell A Friend I Want To Run Faster Than Her?

    By Hillary Kigar   June 6 2016

    You told your friend you'd race with her, but want to run faster than she's ready to go. What do you do?arrow

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