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Race Pace Jess

  • 15 Benefits Of Running Without Training For A Race

    By Race Pace Jess

    Here's why you may want to take a break from racing and instead just enjoy the love you have for the sport by running for fun.

  • What To Know Before Running A Ragnar Relay

    By Race Pace Jess

    If you're getting ready for a relay race, here is everything you need to know to be prepared to go into your legs of the race.

  • A First Look At Reebok’s Newly Launched Floatride Run

    By Race Pace Jess

    This shoe was tested by over 300 runners during the development process and just launched April 1. Here's what you need to know about it.

  • 3 Exercises That Target Your Glute Muscles

    By Race Pace Jess

    Runners know that strong glutes are important—but do you know why? Learn about the two glute muscles and how to keep them strong.

  • How Many Days Per Week Do You Have To Run?

    By Race Pace Jess

    Here, Race Pace Jess shares what is more important than how many times you run—and a glimpse at how to structure your schedule.

  • 10 Signs You're Ready For Your First Marathon

    By Race Pace Jess

    If you're debating about running 26.2 but aren't sure you can handle it, this short list will help you find the answer you're looking for.

  • Why ClassPass Is Still A Good Option For Runners

    By Race Pace Jess

    Even as they move away from their Unlimited option, Race Pace Jess shares why ClassPass still offers a lot of flexibility for runners.

  • 3 Reasons To Ditch Your GPS Watch

    By Race Pace Jess

    If you've been spending too much time tracking your mile splits and feel that running is a bit complicated lately, here's how to scale back.

  • These Classes Make Running On The Treadmill Fun

    By Race Pace Jess

    Gyms and studios are starting to offer treadmill classes that keep the energy high so that your boredom is low.

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