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  • How Much Time Off From Running Should You Take After A Race?

    By NYC Running Mama

    The amount of rest is different for everyone. This is how you can aid your body in recovery.

  • How One Veteran Found Her Love For Running While Deployed

    By NYC Running Mama

    "I ran because it was something I could control when everything else around me was controlled for me."

  • NYC Marathon Tips From A Race Veteran

    By NYC Running Mama

    This runner has participated in the NYC Marathon three times and has some tips to conquer the course.

  • Why It’s Never Too Late To Start Running

    By NYC Running Mama

    A first-time marathoner served as inspiration for one mentor and coach.

  • Should You Run Through Pain?

    By NYC Running Mama

    How to tell the difference between aches and pains—and when you just need to stop.

  • 5 Home Workout DVD’s For Runners

    By NYC Running Mama

    Get your strength workout in while staying at home! These options are great for runners.

  • 6 Ways To Carry Fuel On Long Runs

    By NYC Running Mama

    Get your fuel system locked down now so you're set to go on race day.

  • 16 Running Quotes To Motivate You For Your Next Run

    By Michele Gonzales

    Sometimes the wise words of others are the best inspiration.

  • 8 Tips To Practicing Perfect Pacing On Race Day

    By NYC Running Mama

    The key to a great race and negative splits is to trust in your pacing.

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