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  • NYC Running Mama: Picking the Best Marathon For You

    By NYC Running Mama   February 17 2015

    Consider these 8 factors when picking your goal marathon for the year.arrow

  • NYC Running Mama: Battling Post-Race Blues

    By NYC Running Mama   February 9 2015

    Don't let post-race blues get you down. Try these tips to get excited about running again.arrow

  • NYC Running Mama: What Are The Necessities To Run Your

    By NYC Running Mama   February 3 2015

    Find out what is necessary and what isn't for your first marathon!arrow

  • NYC Running Mama: Getting Through Speedwork

    By NYC Running Mama   January 26 2015

    Michele shares some mental tips she uses to stay strong during speedwork.arrow

  • NYC Running Mama: How Much Will You Pay To Run a Marathon?

    By NYC Running Mama   January 20 2015

    Do you have a price limit or does it depend upon which race you choose?arrow

  • Women’s Runner Blogger Link Round Up

    By Team WR   January 14 2015

    Check out what our bloggers have been up to on their own sites!arrow

  • NYC Running Mama: 9 Ways to Prevent Running from Breaking

    By NYC Running Mama   January 12 2015

    Michele shares 9 ways to keep costs down as your mileage goes up!arrow

  • NYC Running Mama: Welcome the New Runners

    By NYC Running Mama   January 6 2015

    Support to beginner runners can help them on the road to success.arrow

  • NYC Running Mama: Does Running Ever Get Easier?

    By NYC Running Mama   January 2 2015

    Yes and no. The answer is a little more complicated than you would think.arrow

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