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  • NYC Running Mama: 7 Ways to Stay on Track This Holiday

    By NYC Running Mama   November 19 2014

    Michele's tips will help you stay healthy and fit through the holidays.arrow

  • NYC Running Mama: Seeing The NYC Marathon

    By NYC Running Mama   November 11 2014

    Guiding a friend through the NYC Marathon showed Michele the beauty of teamwork in running.arrow

  • Women’s Running Blogger Series- Link Round Up

    By Kristan Dietz   November 7 2014

    This week, our Women's Running Bloggers share race recaps, training goals, and life lessons on their blogs!arrow

  • NYC Running Mama: Why Do I Run

    By NYC Running Mama   November 4 2014

    There are so many reasons why Michele loves to run that it is hard to sum up in one answer. arrow

  • NYC Running Mama: Race Week Dos and Don’ts

    By NYC Running Mama   October 28 2014

    Don't try anything new during taper week! Go with these tried and true do's and don'ts.arrow

  • Women’s Running Blogger Series- Weekly Link Up

    By Kristan Dietz   October 24 2014

    Check out what our Women's Running bloggers have been up to on their own blogs!arrow

  • NYC Running Mama: Patience

    By NYC Running Mama   October 20 2014

    Being patient with your training can pay off in the long run. arrow

  • Women’s Running Blogger Series- Link Round Up

    By Kristan Dietz   October 15 2014

    What have our bloggers been up to this week? Check out their own blogs.arrow

  • NYC Running Mama: Go Back To Basics

    By NYC Running Mama   October 14 2014

    Leave your watch at home. Hit the road unplugged to remember why you love running.arrow

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