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  • 5 Goal-Setting Tips For Your Next Training Cycle

    By NYC Running Mama   May 12 2015

    When picking a time goal for your next big race, make sure you are setting a realistic goal.arrow

  • Recovery Does Not Make You Weak

    By NYC Running Mama   May 5 2015

    Respect your recovery after a race! Here are reasons why a little rest is a good thing.arrow

  • 12 Reasons Why The Boston Marathon is Magical

    By NYC Running Mama   April 28 2015

    If Boston isn't on your bucket list, these reasons may change your mind.arrow

  • Stay Hydrated While Running With These Tips

    By NYC Running Mama   April 21 2015

    Warmer weather means that hydrating during runs is important. These methods can make it easy.arrow

  • NYC Running Mama: You Don’t Have To Do It All

    By NYC Running Mama   April 14 2015

    There are so many ways to become a better runner, but can we really do all of them?arrow

  • NYC Running Mama: Running Can Be a Team Sport

    By NYC Running Mama   April 7 2015

    There are many ways to help others through running and give back to the sport you love.arrow

  • NYC Running Mama: The Mental Side of Running

    By NYC Running Mama   March 31 2015

    Training for the mentally tough parts of the marathon is just as important as the physical training.arrow

  • NYC Running Mama: It’s Okay…

    By NYC Running Mama   March 24 2015

    Forget the so-called running faux pas. It's perfectly fine to do these 11 things on race day.arrow

  • NYC Running Mama: Things I Wish I Knew When I Started

    By NYC Running Mama   March 17 2015

    7 things Michele wishes she knew as a beginner runner- and how they can help you!arrow

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