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  • Make Breakfast Special With These Easy And Delicious Muffins

    By Running on Veggies   July 28 2015

    A healthy take on muffins that use some of our favorite breakfast items.arrow

  • A Healthy Excuse To Eat Chocolate For Breakfast

    By Katie Higgins   July 28 2015

    This nutritious breakfast incorporates chocolate and is still completely healthy.arrow

  • A Grown Up Version Of A Childhood Popsicle Favorite

    By Team WR   July 27 2015

    Remember rocket pops? This recipe will be even better than the classic.arrow

  • A New (Meatless) Take On The Classic Meatballs and Spaghetti

    By Running on Veggies   July 23 2015

    Never thought meatballs could be healthy? This delicious dinner proves they can be.arrow

  • A Post-Run Smoothie That Tastes Like Chocolate Covered

    By Katie Higgins   July 22 2015

    A delicious yet healthy option for after a tough run.arrow

  • The Best Mid-Run Fuel: Carrot Raisin Cookie Bites

    By Katie Higgins   July 16 2015

    These nutritious bite-sized snacks from one of our favorite bloggers are the perfect fuel.arrow

  • How One Killer Recipe Can Make Three Great Smoothies

    By Ashley Lauretta   July 15 2015

    Avocados, bananas and almonds—oh my! But wait, there's even more options to make three smoothies out of one recipe.arrow

  • Easy Weeknight Dinner: Roasted Red Pepper & Sweet

    By Brendan Brazier    July 7 2015

    Add this nutritious soup recipe to your weeknight rotation. You won't be disappointed.arrow

  • No Meat? No Problem! This Black Bean Burger Is Barbecue

    By Brendan Brazier   July 3 2015

    This recipe from the Thrive Energy Cookbook will be a hit for dinner tonight.arrow

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