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  • A Cookbook For Runners AND Their Kids

    By Team WR

    In her new cookbook, It All Begins With Food, Leah Garrad-Cole offers healthy recipes that runners and children alike can enjoy.

  • Chickpea Salad Lettuce Wrap Recipe

    By Team WR

    Runners, kids and vegetarians agree that this protein-filled chickpea lettuce wrap recipe gives active people the energy boost they need.

  • Stir-Fry the Healthy Way

    By Team WR

    Kids will love this tasty stir-fry recipe. Even better, it's a healthy dinner option that pushes preservatives aside!

  • A Healthy Quesadilla Recipe You'll Love

    By Team WR

    Here's a quesadilla recipe that goes far beyond the cheese and tortilla combination we're all familiar with.

  • Turkey Pesto Meatballs Recipe

    By Team WR

    These turkey pesto meatballs offer a healthy snack that the whole family can enjoy.

  • Overnight Oats With Chia Recipe

    By Running on Veggies

    This chia oatmeal snack is a substantial–and healthy–option for athletes preparing for a long run or intense workout.

  • This Chia Jam Makes a Savory Toast Spread

    By Running on Veggies

    Use your favorite seasonal fruit—or frozen berries—to amp up your morning toast.

  • Homemade Kale Chip Recipe

    By Team WR

    Kale has carotenoids that “seem to prevent cancer by acting as antioxidants. So do yourself a favor and make these kale chips.

  • Apple-Cinnamon Superfood Granola Recipe

    By Running on Veggies

    The perfect midday snack or smoothie topper, this fruit-sweetened superfood-packed granola will have you energized and ready to run!

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