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  • No Meat? No Problem! This Black Bean Burger Is Barbecue

    By Brendan Brazier   July 3 2015

    This recipe from the Thrive Energy Cookbook will be a hit for dinner tonight.arrow

  • These Pecan Bars Make A Heavenly Healthier Snack

    By Jessica Sebor   July 1 2015

    These bars are an absolutely delicious treat. And surprise—they're vegan!arrow

  • Make Your Fourth Of July Delicious With These Tips

    By Fara Rosenzweig   June 30 2015

    Independence celebrations call for some top-notch BBQ skills—follow these guidelines to be a master of the grill this Fourth of July.arrow

  • Create Some BBQ Envy With This Kabob Recipe

    By Leanne Ely   June 29 2015

    If you're hosting an Independence Day party this year, make your guests drool with this delicious kabob recipe.arrow

  • A Plant-Based Reuben Sandwich As Delicious As The Original

    By Brendan Brazier   June 26 2015

    You won't miss meat after taking one bite of this reuben sandwich.arrow

  • Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With 6 Ingredient Raw Candy Bars

    By Jessica Sebor   June 24 2015

    *Courtesy of Running On Veggies Whenever I’m creating a new dish or dessert, I usually need some sort of inspiration to start. It can be arrow

  • A French Toast So Good You Won’t Believe It’s

    By Brendan Brazier   June 23 2015

    This meal by champion ultrarunner Brendan Brazier is a perfect transition to the world of animal-free eating.arrow

  • How To Eat More Protein (And A Recipe!)

    By Ashley Lauretta   June 17 2015

    If you're looking to get creative with more protein intake, try adding this powder to some of your favorite morning routine.arrow

  • A Delicious Granola Recipe To Start Your Week

    By Sarah Canney   June 15 2015

    This granola is a family-friendly hit that provides breakfast and snacks for the week.arrow

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