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  • It’s Getting Easier To Find Snacks Not Full Of Sugar

    By Nicki Miller

    Thanks to some shifts in the food industry, healthy eating is having its moment. We break down two big trends that make munching manageable.

  • Probiotics Are Everywhere

    By Nicki Miller

    The healthy bacteria helps keep you regular and it is starting to make its way into all kinds of foods, from chocolate to granola and more.

  • 4 New Food Trends That Help Boost Recovery

    By Nicki Miller

    When it comes to fighting inflammation and reducing soreness, there are a variety of products available to athletes and runners.

  • Why Acai Bowls Are A Big Deal

    By Nicki Miller

    Acai isn't new to the world of healthy eating, but it is starting to steal the show when it comes to consuming healthy fats.

  • Reason To Add Seeds And Nuts To Your Diet

    By Nicki Miller

    Don't let their size fool you, by adding nuts and seeds to your meals you'll give your body a lot of added nutrients and vitamins.

  • Can Timing Of Carbs Fight Colds?

    By Allie Burdick

    This doesn't mean a pasta feast is in order. The timing and amount of carbs you eat are key in making this work for runners.

  • Beans Are A New Plant-Based Nutrition

    By Nicki Miller

    As vegetarianism has grown, the market has had to find more options for plant-based proteins. Beans took over—and come in endless options.

  • Two Lovely Kombucha Cocktail Recipes

    By Team WR

    Check out these great recipes for Valentine's Day.

  • Why You’re Seeing More Creative Gluten-Free

    By Nicki Miller

    There's a number of reasons to go gluten-free, including illness, diet and more. Brands are taking notice—and now options are

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