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  • Your Homemade Granola Recipe For Holiday Gifts

    By Running on Veggies

    Here's an easy-to-follow recipe for fruit-sweetened gluten-free granola that makes a unique holiday gift for anyone in your life.

  • 10 Most Unhealthy Holiday Foods

    By Frida Harju

    One nutritionist has rounded up some of the least healthy holiday foods and offers healthy alternatives for your gatherings.

  • 3 Tips For Cooking With Pumpkin

    By Matthew Kadey

    Take your passion for pumpkin beyond pie with healthy meals that nourish your obsession. Here are tips for cooking with the gourd.

  • Warm Up After Chilly Runs With This Hot Pumpkin Smoothie

    By Matthew Kadey

    Sweater weather and chilly runs are here, so what better way to stay warm is there than by drinking a hot pumpkin smoothie?

  • 5 Diet Rules To Break During The Holidays

    By Allie Burdick

    You've been training hard all year—so it's time to lighten up and enjoy the holidays! Here are some diet rules you can break.

  • 3 Essentials That Help With Recovery

    By Allie Burdick

    If you've been on a break from running, here is what you should eat during the recovery process from illness or injury to stay healthy.

  • Everyone Will Eat Their Greens With This Crunchy Side Dish

    By Sharon and Reb Brown

    Gone are the days of soggy green bean casseroles! Everyone will ask for seconds of their greens when they're tossed with toasted almonds.

  • Soba Noodle With Peanut Sauce Recipe

    By Elyse Kopecky

    This soba noodle salad came to be when Shalane Flanagan—and her world-record holder mom—fell in love with homemade peanut sauce.

  • A Recipe That Adds Sweet Potato Into Stuffing

    By Sharon and Reb Brown

    Instead of serving stuffing and sweet potatoes as separate side dishes, with this recipe they join forces as the perfect complement.

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