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  • How To Fuel Your Workouts and Runs

    By Katie Casto Hynes   September 25 2014

    Nutritionist Katie Casto Hynes explains the best ways and foods to fuel your runs.arrow

  • Recipe: Chocvocado Pudding

    By Allison Pattillo   September 22 2014

    This version of chocolate pudding is full of healthy fats and delicious taste.arrow

  • 6 Frozen Post-Run Treats

    By Nicki Miller   September 19 2014

    Fill your freezer with guilt-free snacks to fuel your run.arrow

  • Cover Model: Laura Prepon

    By Amy Reinink   September 17 2014

    Laura Prepon, star of “Orange Is the New Black,” nourishes herself with roasted veggies and morning runs.arrow

  • Our Top 4 Favorite Mid-Run Chews

    By Nicki Miller, Caitlyn Pilkington, Jessie Sebor   September 5 2014

    We tested tons of chews to find four of our favorites!arrow

  • Women’s Running Partnership with The Feed

    By Women's Running   August 29 2014

    We worked with The Feed to pick out the best food to fuel your workouts! And they get delivered right to your door!arrow

  • Our 4 Favorite Nutritional Bars

    By Nicki Miller, Caitlyn Pilkington, Jessie Sebor   August 29 2014

    These 4 bars are our favorites to fuel our workouts.arrow

  • Our 4 Favorite Drinks for Before and After Runs

    By Nicki Miller, Caitlyn Pilkington, Jessie Sebor   August 22 2014

    Try one of these four drinks to fuel your miles or recover from workouts. arrow

  • A Day in the (Eating) Life of Kristin Chenoweth

    By Amy Reinink   August 21 2014

    Find out how this star fuels her busy days of work and exercise. arrow

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