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  • What 'Calories Burned' Really Means

    By Jessica Migala

    That one number isn't an accurate representative of how many calories you can now take in—and here's what you actually need to consider.

  • Finding The Balance Between What You Eat And Activity

    By Jessica Migala

    Knowing how much to eat doesn’t always come naturally for runners. Here is what you need to know to make sure you’re fueling right.

  • 6 Foods Perfect For Both Fueling Runs And Losing Weight

    By Natalie Rizzo

    It doesn't have to be a struggle to find the right balance between cutting back on calories and eating enough to properly fuel your runs.

  • Popular Food Blogger Shares A Simple Pre-Run Breakfast

    By Cynthia Martinez

    Lottie from Running on Veggies shares a super simple overnight oats recipe that you can easily grab-and-go before any run.

  • What's In A Glukos Energy Chew?


    If you've ever wondered just what is in those little chews you use on the run, read on, because we're breaking it down for you.

  • Food Blogger Shares Best Recovery Smoothie Recipe

    By Cynthia Martinez

    Cynthia Martinez, one week out from her second Boston Marathon, collaborates with blogger Running on Veggies on best recovery smoothie.

  • Radish Chips And Arugula Sunflower Pesto Recipe


    If you're in the mood for a new type of snack, head to the local farmer's market and pick up fresh ingredients for this easy-to-make recipe.

  • Probiotics And Weight Management

    By William B. Miller, Jr., M.D.

    New studies are showing that both foods and supplements containing pre- and probiotics can help you boost your health and lose weight.

  • How To Not Overeat During Marathon Training

    By Natalie Rizzo

    A nutritionist shares how to avoid weight gain while marathon training and get the proper fuel and nutrients for your runner body.

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