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  • 12 New Nutrition Items Took Top Honors In Our Fuel Up Awards

    By Nicki Miller

    Check out our picks for the very best new pre-, mid- and post-workout nutrition options for runners—and we’ve tried it all!

  • Having trouble getting to sleep after a run? Grab some

    By Cameron James

    After a run, one of the most important things you can do for your body is give it time to recover—and your body is working the hardest to

  • My 50-Day Vegan Diet Challenge Is Rough

    By Natalie DiBlasio

    One runner is in the middle of a vegan challenge but isn't feeling well after the changes—and it's starting to affect her training.

  • What Are Nitrates And Why Should You Be Eating Them?

    By Natalie Rizzo

    You may have heard bad things about the nitrates added to meat, but the good news is that nitrates in vegetables are actually good for you.

  • What Exactly Is In Your Little Pouch Of Gu Energy Gel?


    Find out exactly what's in those gel packets you stuff in your shorts and race belts to prevent hitting the dreaded wall.

  • 10 Benefits Of Following A Plant-Based Diet

    By Texas Boesch

    Research is now confirming that a whole foods, plant-based diet gives your body the fuel it needs, without any negative side effects.

  • 10 Different Ways To Eat Sweet Potatoes

    By Liselle Pires

    Food lovers—and paleo runners—rejoice; here is a roundup of some new, inventive ways to eat one of your favorite superfoods.

  • Why Runners Should Be Eating Onions

    By Laura Scaduto

    These eight types of onions not only add flavor to any dish, but they are packed full of good-for-you nutrients, as well.

  • It’s Getting Easier To Find Snacks Not Full Of Sugar

    By Nicki Miller

    Thanks to some shifts in the food industry, healthy eating is having its moment. We break down two big trends that make munching manageable.

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