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  • Our 3 Favorite Drinks To Sip On The Run

    By Team WR   June 30 2015

    You have to try these 3 great ways to stay hydrated before and after a run.arrow

  • A Plant-Based Reuben Sandwich As Delicious As The Original

    By Brendan Brazier   June 26 2015

    You won't miss meat after taking one bite of this reuben sandwich.arrow

  • Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With 6 Ingredient Raw Candy Bars

    By Running on Veggies   June 24 2015

    *Courtesy of Running On Veggies Whenever I’m creating a new dish or dessert, I usually need some sort of inspiration to start. It can be arrow

  • 7 Surprising Smoothie Ingredients For Weight-Loss Success

    By Leta Shy   June 23 2015

    Toss any of these seven ingredients into your next smoothie along with your favorite fruits.arrow

  • A French Toast So Good You Won’t Believe It’s

    By Brendan Brazier   June 23 2015

    This meal by champion ultrarunner Brendan Brazier is a perfect transition to the world of animal-free eating.arrow

  • 8 Quick Food Swaps To Improve Your Diet

    By Pip Taylor   June 17 2015

    Here are some other quick suggestions for swapping common foods with smarter options.arrow

  • DitchThe Bloat By Avoiding These Foods

    By Fara Rosenzweig   June 17 2015

    Summer's here—so here's the cheat sheet to avoiding the bloat right before beach day.arrow

  • How To Eat More Protein (And A Recipe!)

    By Ashley Lauretta   June 17 2015

    If you're looking to get creative with more protein intake, try adding this powder to some of your favorite morning routine.arrow

  • A Delicious Granola Recipe To Start Your Week

    By Sarah Canney   June 15 2015

    This granola is a family-friendly hit that provides breakfast and snacks for the week.arrow

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