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  • Shalane Flanagan Withdraws From 2017 Boston Marathon

    By Ashley Lauretta

    A training injury during a snowy run in Portland led her to make the grueling decision to sit out of the iconic race this year.

  • The Splits On This Half Marathon Are WILD!

    By Caitlyn Pilkington

    You’ve probably never heard of the RAK Half Marathon until now, and that’s because Kenyan Peres Jepchirchir just broke the

  • Runners Are Protesting UA

    By Team WR

    What's your take?

  • Lady Gaga Had The Perfect Response For Body Shamers

    By Ashley Lauretta

    After her Super Bowl LI performance, body shamers took to the web to critique Lady Gaga's look. She didn't stay silent and shut them down.

  • What I Learned From Failing My New Year’s Resolution

    By Ashley Lauretta

    It only took about 15 days for the hopes and dreams of making it 365 days focused 100% on a goal to slowly slip away.

  • Neely Spence Gracey Wins Rock 'n' Roll NOLA

    By Don Norcross

    Dang girl!

  • Stretching Studios Could Be The Next Fitness Fad

    By Ashley Lauretta

    These studios are starting to pop up all over the country and though they don't replace traditional workouts, we're taking notice.

  • Is It Time To Set A Goal? Declare It.

    By Mel Charbonneau

    On February 4, thousands of women around the world will put pen to paper and take the first step toward reaching their goals.

  • Boston Bombing Survivor To Wed Man Who Saved Her

    By Ashley Lauretta

    That man was firefighter Mike Materia and he was first by her side on the ride to the hospital—and has stayed there ever since.

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