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  • Crap! Thousands Become Ill After Mud Run

    By Team WR   July 1 2015

    The fun day of mud festivities left many runners violently ill.arrow

  • This Runner Just Set A Fast Record

    By Team WR   July 1 2015

    A sophomore just ran the 100 meters—in under 10 seconds!arrow

  • This App Tracks Meals And Calories As You Talk

    By Ashley Lauretta   June 30 2015

    There is a more efficient way to follow a diet plan and balance your meals than manually tracking your food intake.arrow

  • What Is The Running Of The Interns?

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   June 26 2015

    These interns kept a Supreme Court tradition alive this week, delivering breaking news on foot to network correspondentsarrow

  • Swimsuit Ads Say Not Sorry

    By Team WR   June 25 2015

    swimsuitsforall's "Beach Body. Not Sorry" campaign is all about having body confidence. arrow

  • Nike Oregon Project’s Salazar Responds To Doping

    By Team WR   June 24 2015

    The distance running coach has been facing doping allegations for the last month—and he finally responds. arrow

  • Gold Medalist Heads To Fourth Olympics

    By Alison Barsalona   June 24 2015

    The decorated Olympian has her eyes on Rio next year—and is ready to defend her gold. arrow

  • All-Star Lineup To Open Special Olympics

    By Team WR   June 19 2015

    Some of the world's best athletes will be in LA next month to participate in the 14th Special Olympics World Games.arrow

  • University Adds Run And Text Lanes To Campus

    By Team WR   June 19 2015

    Here's one way to manage traffic flow around the campus—separate texters, walkers and runners.arrow

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