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  • We Are Obsessed With This Official Race Shoe

    By Team WR   May 3 2016

    It finally happened—the world's largest 10K race has its own shoe. arrow

  • A Race Where You Have No Idea How Far You Run

    By Jessica Sebor   May 2 2016

    You could run 4 miles or 40 miles—you have no idea.arrow

  • I Tried It: Tough Mudder

    By Nicki Miller   May 2 2016

    If you thought it would be too hard, think again.arrow

  • What This Tough Mudder Found In Clothes

    By Nicki Miller   May 2 2016

    Who knew the mental prep for event day needs to include this?arrow

  • The Small Town Story About A Big League Runner Wife

    By Alisha Perkins   May 2 2016

    Wife to a professional baseball player, Alisha Perkins shares an excerpt from her upcoming book Running Home. arrow

  • 100-Year-Old Sets A World Record At A Huge Track Meet

    By Team WR   May 2 2016

    100 for 100—that's what people said when Ida Keeling set a world mark at 100 years old—and then she chased it with pushups. arrow

  • This Robot Can Pace Your Runs

    By Team WR   May 2 2016

    The racing robot takes pacing to a whole new level. arrow

  • 12-Year-Old Ran Half Instead Of 5K

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   April 27 2016

    13.1 miles is a bit longer than 3.1—but one young runner didn't seem to mind the discrepancy. arrow

  • Video: This Simple C Series Move Will Strengthen Your Core

    By Team WR   April 27 2016

    This standing ab move is so basic, but it provides a big payoff.arrow

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