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  • XC Ambassador Search—We Want You!

    By Jessica Sebor

    Do you want to share your talents with a national running magazine?

  • Olympian Responds to Law And Order SVU Episode

    By Suzy Favor Hamilton

    Suzy Favor Hamilton shares her thoughts on watching a Special Victims Unit that seems to be drawing storylines from her life as an escort.

  • 11 New Brands In Health And Fitness

    By Jessica Sebor

    You've probably never heard of these brands—but can you predict which ones will be household names?

  • 5 Steps To Prepare Yourself To Run An Ultra-Marathon


    If you can run, you can run an ultra-marathon! Just follow these steps to properly prepare your body, mind and soul to go the distance.

  • Marathon Mistake Upsets BQ Hopefuls

    By Caitlyn Pilkington

    The Vancouver Marathon made a boo-boo that cost some their shot at the 2017 Boston Marathon.

  • Sara Hall Will Race NYC Marathon

    By Duncan Larkin

    Thirty-three-year-old elite American runner Sara Hall is raising four kids with husband and former elite marathoner Ryan, and now

  • A Course Tour Of Rock 'n' Roll Vegas

    By Team WR

    What's cooler than shutting down Vegas for a race? Shutting it down to film a course tour.

  • Strava-New Balance Collab Is Amazing

    By Team WR

    The popular running app and shoe brand are dishing out some pretty big prizes for running really fast this fall.

  • Imagining The Run Can Benefit The Run

    By Erica Schuckies

    It may sound crazy, but recent studies show how you can improve your performance by imagining and picturing yourself at the gym or on a run.

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