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  • VIDEO: Amelia’s Thoughts On Being A Transgender Cover

    By Team WR   June 14 2016

    She hopes this cover helps continue the conversation about trans people participating in athletics. arrow

  • A Runner Shares Her Reaction To The Orlando Tragedy

    By Paria Hassouri   June 13 2016

    The country—the LGBT community, the world—was devastated by the vicious act of hate in Orlando. arrow

  • Amelia Gapin Is Our Transgender Cover Runner

    By Team WR   June 13 2016

    "I am entirely me." —Amelia Gapinarrow

  • It’s Finally Here—Molly Huddle Will Make Her

    By Team WR   June 9 2016

    Everyone has been waiting for this upgrade. arrow

  • Shalane Flanagan Is Clearly Ready For The Rio Olympics

    By Ryan Wood   June 5 2016

    She just ran the second-fastest half marathon by an American this year during a training run. arrow

  • Two Famous Running Buds On Life Before The Olympics

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   June 3 2016

    They used a Rock 'n' Roll event to tune up ahead of the marathon trials, and now they are back to race side by side in SD ahead of Rio. arrow

  • If You’re Headed To Brazil This Summer, Read This

    By Ashley Lauretta   June 2 2016

    You've heard about unsafe health conditions in Rio as the Olympics approach, but what should you know as a traveler?arrow

  • Whoa! She Broke A Record For Hula Hooping While Running

    By Heather Bray   May 30 2016

    There's running a 10K, then there's running a 10K while hula hooping the entire time. arrow

  • Kara Goucher Is Not Racing At The Olympic Track Trials

    By Michael Sandrock   May 27 2016

    She will focus on a fall marathon instead. arrow

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