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  • Oiselle’s Original Athlete Kate Grace Is Flying Away

    By Team WR

    According to the Oiselle blog, Kate Grace is flying away to new opportunities.

  • Virgin Sport And Mary Wittenberg Launch New Fitness

    By Ashley Lauretta

    Former President/CEO of NYRR and Race Director of the NYC Marathon is heading up Virgin Sport and plans to change how we celebrate sport.

  • Pretty Soon You’ll Be Able Do A Full Workout At The

    By Ashley Lauretta

    In a few weeks if you are flying out of Baltimore you can spend your time behind security in the gym instead of at the bar.

  • RNR Marathon Launches New Video

    By Team WR

    Video: Steve Godwin In 1998, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series made history when it sent 20,000 runners to the streets of San

  • Nike Women’s New Campaign Is A Cinematic Dream

    By Ashley Lauretta

    English recording artist FKA Twigs took 12 athletes and created a stunning visual piece that asks, "Do you believe in more?"

  • Runners About To Win Holding Hands Get Scooped

    By Team WR

    She ran through that tape like a champ!

  • Here’s Some Good News For You Weekend Warriors

    By Ashley Lauretta

    Weekend warriors will be relieved by this new study that shares they are reaping close to the same benefits as those with regular routines.

  • These Are The Best Diets That Are Safe And Easy-To-Follow

    By Ashley Lauretta

    U.S. News & World Report has evaluated 38 diets and released their ranking of the best diets, separated into nine different categories.

  • Amazon May Be Releasing Athleisure Gear

    By Caitlyn Pilkington

    They are just one more brand wanting a piece of the booming athleisure pie.

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