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  • The First Guy To Catch All The Pokémon Lost 10 Pounds

    By Team WR   July 22 2016

    Is this the strange new way for people to exercise without making it about exercise?arrow

  • Lauren Fleshman Retires From Professional Running

    By Team WR   July 22 2016

    This morning, Lauren Fleshman announced her retirement from professional running. arrow

  • Laurie Hernandez Makes History On U.S. Olympic Gymnastics

    By Victoria Davis   July 19 2016

    A 16-year-old gymnast makes history as the third Latina ever to be chosen for U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team.arrow

  • Ronda Rousey’s Perfect Never Campaign Is Badass

    By Victoria Davis   July 18 2016

    Perfect never gets a shot at redemption. arrow

  • Ashton Eaton Owns This Vogue Cover

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   July 14 2016

    The decorated decathlete can now add "Vogue cover" to his booming resume.arrow

  • Film Stars 12 Runner Who Lost 100 Lbs

    By Jen Roe   July 13 2016

    Watch the trailer of your next favorite running film.arrow

  • The One Thing About Young Runners People Often Forget

    By Eileen Weber   July 13 2016

    These runners developed a love of the sport early in their lives—and are doing remarkable things.arrow

  • Swimmer Saves 20 Lives, Joins 2016 Refugee Olympic Team

    By Victoria Davis   July 12 2016

    Refugee swimmer saves the lives of 20 and is recruited to join 2016 Refugee Olympic Team in Rio summer games.arrow

  • Kayla Itsines Regrets Name Of BBG

    By Ashley Lauretta   July 12 2016

    In a recent interview, Itsines admits she had good intentions when creating the Bikini Body Guides. arrow

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