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  • Fitbit’s New Tracker is Seriously Gorgeous

    By Jessica Sebor   February 3 2016

    You’ve got to see these bands. arrow

  • 7 Steps To Prepare For Declare It Day

    By Mel Charbonneau and Tori Sager   February 2 2016

    How to set the best goal for you on Declare It Day—and achieve it!arrow

  • One Happiness Expert’s 5 Tricks To Make Running Fun

    By Jessie Sebor   February 1 2016

    Kristi Ling spent 10 years researching happiness; now she's sharing her tips for finding joy in every run. arrow

  • Adidas Launches PureBoost X Shoe Just For Women

    By Jessica Sebor   January 29 2016

    Meet the PureBoost X. No there’s not a men’s version. arrow

  • 9 Stages Of Speed Work—As Told By Olivia Pope

    By Run Selfie Repeat   January 28 2016

    Our favorite Scandal star perfectly explains the pain of running fast. arrow

  • IOC Says Transgender Athletes Can Take Part In Olympics

    By Fara Rosenzweig   January 27 2016

    Athletes transitioning can compete in their respective sports without having surgery.arrow

  • How To Run Outside On Really Cold Days

    By Fat Girl Running   January 26 2016

    Yes, it's freezing. But getting out of the house and into the cold could be good for you.arrow

  • Nike Releases Trailer To New Original Video Series

    By Team WR   January 25 2016

    Margot vs. Lily is about one fitness guru and one potato chip junkie going head to head in a dare to be better for it. arrow

  • Research Reveals Elite Females Better at Marathon Pacing

    By Emily Polachek   January 25 2016

    Take some tips from elite runners to help your race day pacing.arrow

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