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Mile Posts

  • What I Learned From Dry January

    By Mile Posts

    Thanks to Dry January, one runner has gotten clear with what she wants and why she would reach for that end-of-day glass of wine.

  • Random Thoughts We Have Before, During And After A Run

    By Mile Posts

    This perfectly describes what it's like to set our alarms, have trouble sleeping, hit snooze and then ride the struggle bus, only to do it a

  • 10 Annoying Questions Every Runner Has Been Asked

    By Mile Posts

    Dorothy shares some of the most absurd questions that runners get and how she wishes she could answer each and every one.

  • 7 Questions To Ask Yourself To Become A Stronger Runner

    By Mile Posts

    If your goal is to become a stronger runner, answer these questions to make sure you are going about it in the right way.

  • Reasons To Create Your 2017 Wellness Plan

    By Mile Posts

    Just like a training plan, a wellness plan helps you lay the foundation for healthy habits and helps you easily track your progress.

  • Tricks For Turning Negative Into Positive

    By Mile Posts

    Mile Posts reflects on the importance of turning a negative mindset into a positive, especially when it comes to your running.

  • Why You Need A Mental Race Plan

    By Mile Posts

    If you are looking for a new way to train your brain, writing out a mental race plan can do wonders for self-doubt out on the course.

  • Obsessing Over PRs Lowered My Self-Worth

    By Mile Posts

    Dorothy gets real about her struggles with not being enough for herself and never satisfied with the PRs that came with her running.

  • Ways Cycling Makes Me A Better Runner

    By Mile Posts

    After buying her first road bike, one runner is learning that cycling is actually benefitting her running.

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