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  • Ways Cycling Makes Me A Better Runner

    By Mile Posts

    After buying her first road bike, one runner is learning that cycling is actually benefitting her running.

  • Worst Marathon Advice Ever

    By Mile Posts

    Sometimes you have to ignore the marathon advice you've heard and just trust your training. Here are a few of those times.

  • What I Have Learned From #IHaveARunnersBody

    By Mile Posts

    Find out why Dorothy Beal started the #IHaveARunnersBody movement and what she has learned from runners all over the world.

  • 9 Things I’ve Learned From Running With My Mom

    By Mile Posts

    When she started running in 2003, with her mom by her side, Mile Posts knew their bond would only grow with each step. Here's how it has.

  • Yes, It’s Okay To Look Like A Beginner

    By Mile Posts

    It is common to think of being a beginner as a bad thing. Mile Posts, however, shares why you should be embracing the title.

  • Mile Posts Just Joined Triathlon

    By Mile Posts

    Running will always be her first love, but Dorothy discovered it's time to start a new journey while she was overcoming injury.

  • 34 Thoughts A Marathoner Has During Mile 1 Of Every Run

    By Mile Posts

    It doesn't matter that Mile Posts has been running for years—the first mile of every run is always the same. Here's how it goes.

  • 26.2 Reasons Why I Still Run

    By Mile Posts

    Five years ago, Mile Posts shared the reasons why she runs with us, thinking they would never change. They have.

  • 6 Important Safety Tips To Follow On Your Next Run

    By Mile Posts

    No run is worth your life.

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