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  • Mile Posts: DIY Race Bib Art

    By Mile Posts   January 16 2015

    Want can you do with all of those race bibs laying around? Display them like art!arrow

  • Women’s Runner Blogger Link Round Up

    By Team WR   January 14 2015

    Check out what our bloggers have been up to on their own sites!arrow

  • Mile Posts: I’m Slower and I Don’t Mind

    By Mile Posts   January 8 2015

    "The time on the clock does not determine your level of dedication or love for the sport."arrow

  • Mile Posts: 10 Tips For Making 2015 Your Fittest Year Yet

    By Mile Posts   January 2 2015

    Dorothy shares 10 fitness goals to try in the new year.arrow

  • Top 10 Articles of 2014 from our Women’s Running

    By Kristan Dietz   December 26 2014

    All of the amazing stories you loved reading from our bloggers this year.arrow

  • Women’s Running Blogger Series: Link Round-Up

    By Kristan Dietz   December 23 2014

    Find out what our bloggers have been writing about on their own sites!arrow

  • Mile Posts: There Is No JUST In 13.1

    By Mile Posts   December 10 2014

    It is not just 13.1 miles. Any distance makes you a runner.arrow

  • My 5 Favorite Jillian Michaels DVD’s For Weight Loss

    By Mile Posts   December 1 2014

    Dorothy has gotten stronger by doing workouts at home.arrow

  • Mile Posts: Life Is Short – Give Thanks Daily

    By Mile Posts   November 28 2014

    Dorothy reflects on why running makes her feel thankful.arrow

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