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  • 4 Runner Selfies That Are The Best

    By Alison Barsalona   September 15 2016

    Even if you hate pictures, there are some milestones that should be celebrated and snapped so you can look back and celebrate.arrow

  • Who Gets The Side Closest To Busy Traffic On A Run?

    By Lizzie Post   September 12 2016

    If you feel unsafe on the roads due to your running buddy's habits, our etiquette expert has the right way to bring it up.arrow

  • This Runner’s Bucket List Is All Of Us

    By Elizabeth Ewens   September 12 2016

    While out training, one runner decided she wanted to chase down her running dreams. Here is her current list of 20 experiences to have.arrow

  • Why Virtual Races Are All The Rage

    By Elizabeth Carr   September 9 2016

    As a single mom who works full-time but also has ambitious running goals to conquer (training for another Boston Marathon), you would think arrow

  • 5 Things Women’s Running Loved This Week

    By Team WR   September 9 2016

    We are back with 5 more products that Team WR just can't get enough of. Read on and find a new favorite product of your own.arrow

  • 10 Workout Songs For The Start Of Fall

    By Chris Lawhorn   September 8 2016

    This playlist is sure to give you a boost during your next workout, full of both familiar and new-to-you songs to keep things fresh.arrow

  • 7 Things Fictional Runners Do That We Just Laugh At

    By Alison Barsalona   September 7 2016

    Of course it is amazing to see a character in a TV show or movie run, but we can't help but shake our heads at how they portray the sport.arrow

  • Alexi Pappas Stars In And Directs Running Film

    By Caitlyn Pilkington   September 7 2016

    The film, “Tracktown,” debuted at the Los Angeles Film Festival to a sold-out crowd. Here's a behind-the-scenes peek at the movie!arrow

  • Study Says Group Runs Can Make You Smarter

    By Team WR   September 6 2016

    We all know that running in a group can make the miles pass by quickly, but did you know that it can boost your intelligence?arrow

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