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  • 7 Ways Social Media Can Actually Help Your Run

    By Alison Barsalona   April 26 2016

    Haters gonna hate, but there are actually some benefits to sharing every stride with corresponding hashtags. arrow

  • This High School Senior Ran A Marathon For A School Project

    By Fat Girl Running   April 26 2016

    Bethany Alvarez was busy studying for the SAT, applying to college and being a teenager...oh yeah, and training for a marathon.arrow

  • Pre-Race Superstitions And Rituals We Probably All Share

    By Kathleen Woods   April 22 2016

    One runner asks her fellow teammates about what pre-race superstitions they all share, and the answers sound pretty familiar. arrow

  • The Biggest Running Trends Of The Current Decade

    By Jessie Sebor, Nicki Miller and Caitlyn Pilkington   April 21 2016

    Our current decade has carried fresh, new concepts to the running stage—and things are only getting better.arrow

  • Embarrassing Runner Scenarios We All Know

    By Simrin Purhar   April 20 2016

    Whoops—our bad. arrow

  • 5 Times Running A Mile Is Harder Than Running A Marathon

    By Alison Barsalona   April 20 2016

    Sometimes running 1 is a bigger feat than the 26.2 version. arrow

  • 10 Hot Workout Songs For April

    By Chris Lawhorn   April 19 2016

    Check out what's trending in your headphones. arrow

  • You Won’t Die From Your Hair Tie (And Other Fitness

    By Team WR   April 19 2016

    We have rounded up the 4 latest health and fitness facts that every runner should know. arrow

  • Here’s How Running Changed In The New Millennium

    By Jessie Sebor, Nicki Miller and Caitlyn Pilkington   April 19 2016

    Starting in the year 2000, social media and the iPod made running even more interactive.arrow

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