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Just For Fun

  • 3 Women Share Title IX Stories As Law Turns 45

    By Powdered Feet

    In honor of Title IX's 45th anniversary, three women share their stories with high school and college athletics during the law's early days.

  • People Are Tweeting Jokes About The Heat

    By Team WR

    Here are some of the greatest tweets we've seen on the subject.

  • Behind the Shoot: Kelly Roberts

    By Team WR

    We take readers behind the scenes of our July 2017 cover shoot, featuring Run Selfie Repeat's Kelly Roberts.

  • 26.2 Ways To Tell You Ran A Marathon

    By Cynthia Steele

    Ah, the marathon aftermath. That terrible time when your body is screaming, “What did I just do?!” while your mind is dappling in the

  • Kelly Roberts Gets Real About How Running Changed Her Life

    By Team WR

    She is all of us when it comes to running!

  • Runner Preferences By The Numbers

    By Team WR

    Women's Running surveyed readers to learn about runners' training preferences, shoe spending habits and ideal celebrity running buddies.

  • Run The Malibu Half Marathon

    By Paria Hassouri

    Race Director Erica MacVittie explains why the Malibu Half Marathon should be on your runner's bucket list.

  • Running Lingo Cheat Sheet

    By Allie Burdick

    All the little words you need to know to be cool—just kidding, just some words people say a lot in running.

  • 10 Workout Songs For June

    By Chris Lawhorn

    Variety is key when compiling a workout playlist. Fortunately, for those in the mood to move, this month’s top workout tracks come by

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